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BUC1406 – Enterprise blockchain project – Traceable, Reliable Berries

Stakeholders: Food Producer
Key Benefits: It will provide a reliable, detailed and faster traceability software for berries. The project provides a platform for the enterprise to communicate with their consumers. It increased the levels of transparency, thereby decreasing the chances of food fraud.

BUC1405 – Enterprise blockchain project – Traceable Individual Products, Packages

Stakeholders: Food Producer
Key Benefits: It will improve accuracy of traceability data, enhance QR reliability, and mitigate tracking errors. It will boost retailer confidence with safe and efficient recalls, and maximize shopper confidence and loyalty by providing greater transparency and accuracy in tracking and communicating origin information for fresh produce.

BUC1403 – Enterprise blockchain project – Know Your Food, Sustainable Pork Production

Stakeholders: Food Producer
Key Benefits: It will allow pork producers to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve their sustainability practices. It will increase the levels of transparency and trust by enabling the organization and its members to create shared, immutable trusted records that address critical food issues such as sustainability, quality, traceability, waste and fraud.

BUC1397 – Enterprise blockchain project – Making of Smart-City – New York

Stakeholders: IT and Data Provider
Key Benefits: The goal of placing so many sensors is to collect data regarding things such as asset management, waste management, and alike. The data will be processed and used for employing new solutions, which will decrease the operational cost, reduce traffic congestion, and result in adding more quality to citizens’ way of life. By obtaining, processing, and using the data, it will set up a model for creating Smart Cities.

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