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Blockchain Use Cases - United States | Projects initiated by various enterprises, public sector organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations in the United States

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Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Healthcare Consortium – HLT012

Consortium ID: HLT012Consortium Name: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ConsortiumMajor Enterprise/ Organization: Indiana University Health, WakeMed Health and Hospitals, Good Shepherd Pharmacy and its RemediChain project, the Center for Supply Chain Studies, the...

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Healthcare Consortium – HLT011

Consortium ID: HLT011Consortium Name: Coalesce Health AllianceMajor Enterprise/ Organization: Express Scripts, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), HealthNow, PNC Bank, Aetna, Anthem and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.Vendors:...

BUC1457 – Enterprise blockchain project – Transparent Supply Chain, Safer Food Supply

Stakeholders: Grocery Store Company
Key Benefits: The project will improve how food is traced from farm to store shelf. It will bring food traceability to more consumers and industry players by helping enable greater transparency and collaboration, and a safer food supply. It will address a broad range of food system issues, such as supply chain efficiency, freshness, waste reduction, sustainability and participants’ ability to verify certifications, such as fair trade and organic.

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Healthcare Consortium – HLT010

Consortium ID: HLT010Consortium Name: Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) ConsortiumMajor Enterprise/ Organization: UCB, Novartis, Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Johnson&Johnson, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, SanofiVendors: In-housePlatform: NAIndustry: HealthcareMajor Use...

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