Blockchain for Sustainability

We screen enterprise blockchain projects through an ESG/SDG prism to identify the sustainability impact of these projects. This generates unique insights about the positive sustainability impact that blockchain technology is driving. 

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  • All blockchain projects launched after April 2022, that are creating positive sustainability impact.
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Thematic Reports

Blockchain for Water Management

In-depth analysis of how Blockchain is bringing together companies, their suppliers regulators, governments, and across industries to address the problems of water management in key industries.

The findings are based on the analysis of 20+ blockchain projects from across the world.

Why Blockchain for Sustainability?

We believe that with features such as decentralization, immutability, transparency, and programmable trust (through smart contracts), blockchain technology can take sustainability reporting to the next level, and facilitate thousands of small businesses who fall in the ‘nth tiers’ of complex global supply chains to report their sustainability performance. The impact of these businesses has been collectively classified as scope 3 (in reference to emissions), for which no one seems to be responsible, however, according to Deloitte, for most businesses this impact is 70% of their overall impact. This itself is an opportunity big enough to look at the opportunity that blockchain can unlock.

As we started to look at enterprise blockchain projects through a sustainability lens, we have been positively surprised by the different ways by which small and big organizations from across the world, are using the technology.

If you believe that blockchain technology can make sustainability journey easy, you can share our compilation of weekly findings by joining our Blockchain for Sustainability Community (free registration), or through one of our Blockchain for Sustainability Reports on how blockchain technology is enabling companies address specific sustainability issues:

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