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Technologies Like Blockchain Are Made for Sustainability

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We have been tracking enterprise blockchain adoption of blockchain technology since 2018, and have an industry-leading database of enterprise blockchain projects (2,100+ projects) and consortia (470+ consortia), that we continue to track. Explore our bespoke reports on how enterprises of all sizes can use blockchain technology to improve their ESG performance and achieve SDG goals. You can also get a weekly feed of our ESG Intelligence by joining our ‘Blockchain for Sustainability’ community.

Help your Technology Suppliers Improve their ESG performance

Sustainability Assessment and Engagement Reports

Digital transformation is underway across sectors as traditional business models are being disrupted by technology-driven models. Selecting the right technology suppliers is critical decision companies have to make and ensuring these suppliers are sustainable themselves and will help the company improve its sustainability performance, is even more critical. We provide in-depth peer benchmarked sustainability assessment reports for a wide cross-section of technology suppliers that have been rated by technology analyst firms. Check out if your technology suppliers make the list.

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Blockchain Consortium Trends – July 2020

The tally of 48 new consortia in the first seven months of 2020 is impressive. The visible slack compared to last year can be attributed to the COVID-induced disruptions that have rocked the IT-spending across sectors. This is a result of organizations having to deal with disrupted supply chains and uncertain demand scenarios. 

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