About ESG Intelligence

Enabling corporate and investment decision-makers, through custom research and intelligence solutions focusing on enterprise blockchain adoption and supply chain sustainability.


Our solutions are meant for strategic decision-makers such as Chief Procurement Officers, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Sustainability Officers; and well as those making investment decisions.


Our highly professional research approach, swift client communication, and client-centric approach, ensures that your experience with us will be hassle-free and enriching.


Our research products are well-thought-of and have evolved after our discussions with decision-makers over the years. Most organizations will find them essential and valuable.

ESG Intelligence enables corporations to embrace emerging technologies to improve their business and sustainability performance. We deliver research-driven insights in the areas of Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence and Supply Chain Sustainability.

Our enterprise blockchain intelligence solutions are aimed at enabling and expanding blockchain adoption. Our Smart Intelligence Access (SIA) Platform delivers the most comprehensive blockchain intelligence database allows enterprises and blockchain vendors to make informed decisions about investment in this technology, use case identification, consortia identification and identify experts. We also deliver customized research reports using this database to deliver bespoke insights on specific use cases, challenges, and trends, pertaining to blockchain adoption. 

Our Supply Chain Sustainability solutions are aimed at identifying and mitigating supply chain risk for corporates, especially for their critical suppliers. We conduct in-depth supplier risk assessments and monitor your critical supplier to uncover any supply chain disruption before it happens. Our Supplier Engagement, Assessment, and Development (SEAD) Platform allows corporates to manage your critical supplier portfolio.

Risk-free Supply Chains

Looking beyond financial risk assessment

Even as the factors causing supply chain disruption have evolved, the supplier risk assessment methodologies clearly have not. Failure of a critical supplier can have severe consequences for businesses. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses of all sizes to consider more comprehensive risk assessment and monitoring of their critical suppliers.

New Blockchain Consortia Launched Every Year

*Data for 2020 is as of 31 July 2020

Embracing Blockchain

Get the story behind numbers and jargon

Enterprise blockchain adoption space is buzzing, new projects undertaken by enterprises, new platforms being launched by vendors, and new consortia being formed by coming-together of enterprises, vendors, regulators and governments. For CIOs, it has now become imperative to understand how this new technology can disrupt their operations, supply chain, and competitive landscape, to explore the right use cases, join the right consortium. 

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