About ESG Intelligence

ESG Intelligence Private Limited is a ESG research and intelligence firm, providing risk management solutions to corporations, responsible investors and  investment managers. We help our clients assess, monitor and evaluate the risk exposure of their portfolio companies, critical suppliers, and strategic partners, through our proprietary solution. 

Our Solution: 

Our solution is delivered through a set of three complimentary research products – assessment, intelligence, and expert insights. These products come together to provide a wider, continuous, and deeper coverage on risks that can disrupt the business and sustainability of companies. These companies can be a part of your investment portfolio, or can be one of your critical suppliers, or a strategic partner. Find out more about our solution here.

Our Clients:

  • Responsible Investors: Our solution can cleanse your portfolio of risky and unsustainable companies.
  • Investment managers: Our solution can help you integrate ESG research into your investment research process.
  • Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs): Minimise risk exposure of your supply chains, and get that special focus on critical suppliers.
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs): Identify the vendors and partners that are falling behind the curve, by not responding to the emerging technologies.
  • Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs): With sustainability and ESG reporting on top of mind of most stakeholders, you can use our solutions to improve stakeholder management and reporting by consulting our experts.  

Our Founder

Sumit Kumar founded ESG Intelligence in 2016, to partner with investors, asset managers, chief procurement officers (CPO), chief information officers (CIO) and chief sustainability officers (CSOs) of companies who want to invest in, engage with, or evaluate the risk-exposure of their portfolio companies, suppliers and partners. Sumit has spent nearly 14 years in the Information Technology and research services industry. During these years, he has conducted financial and extra-financial (ESG) risk assessments, managed expert networks, and wrote procurement intelligence reports. He has worked with clients that include leading hedge fund managers, private equity firms, strategy heads of leading TMT sector companies, chief procurement officers and management consulting firms. From 2012 to 2016, he was the Head of Sustainability Research at Pure Research, where he realised that ESG research has tremendous utility beyond investment research. Here, he integrated ESG assessments into the supplier risk assessment methodology of the company, and supervised a team which conducted supplier risk assessments of hundreds of suppliers. Earlier, from 2010 to 2012, he was a Senior Business Analyst at Evalueserve, where he managed a team of five ESG research analysts working for a leading European ESG rating agency. He also worked closely with the head of research to further improve the assessment methodology. Between, 2007 and 2010, he managed the TMT experts at Evalueserve Circle of Experts (now Astute Global Infoservice), and discovered the value that industry experts can add to research. Sumit started his career working with two IT companies Wipro Limited and iGATE Technologies (now Capgemini) before entering the investment research industry with Evalueserve. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Agra University.

Our differentiator – the ESG Expert Network: 

The research industry is struggling with a dual problem of information overload and inconsistent reporting by companies. Therefore, it is easy for analysts and consumers of research to get swayed by flashy jargon, greenwashing, and misleading data that is used to cover-up risks and short-comings by faulting companies. To make-up for the scarce and inconsistent reporting, and to help our clients understand the real implications of the underlying risks, we are creating the ESG expert network. This is a growing network of experienced industry professionals who understand the impact of various business, technology and sustainability risks a company might face.

The ESG Expert network is an integral part of our soultion, and allows clients to engage pre-screened, high quality experts adds unique value to their research. Find out more about our expert network here.