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This unique platform brings together all important stakeholders that combine to accelerate the adoption of technology-based solutions for solving Sustainability Problems for enterprises, governments, communities and our planet!

Enabling Sustainable Digital Transformation

Sustainability and Digital transformation are top of the mind priorities for every business owner today. Over the past decade we have seen that the companies who do not play with these trends become uncompetitive. Today, all stakeholders from customers, suppliers, governments, regulators, and employees want that the businesses operate sustainably, and utilize latest digital technologies to drive sustainability and efficiency.

At ESG Intelligence, we firmly believe in the power of emerging technologies to sculpt a more sustainable and equitable future. Our platform stands as a testament to this belief, presenting the concept of Sustainable Digital Transformation.


The ESG Intelligence Platform is our endeavour to showcase innovative use cases of emerging technologies that are allowing companies, communities and our planet to become more sustainability. Through this we aim to break the following myths:

  • Myth #1: All Technological Development is Unsustainable: Not all technological advancements are detrimental to the environment and society. Many innovations aim to reduce resource consumption, minimize waste, and have a positive impact on the planet and promote diversity and inclusivity.
  • Myth #2: Sustainability Hinders Technological Progress: Some believe that focusing on sustainability can stifle innovation. In reality, sustainability challenges are driving innovation by creating a demand for greener technologies and solutions.
  • Myth #3: Technology Will Take Away Jobs. Technology advancement often raises concerns about job displacement. However, with the right strategies and foresight, these technologies can be harnessed to create new job opportunities, upskill the workforce, and transition to a more sustainable economy.

What’s on the ESG Intelligence Platform!

Case Studies

Learn from our tracking of real-world narratives showcasing how emerging technologies are revolutionizing sustainability initiatives.

Company Profiles

Navigate profiles of ESG Enablers, Adopters, Investors and Professionals, and understand their journey, impact, and aspirations.


Track the fundraising efforts, connecting ESG Enablers with astute ESG Investors committed to sustainability.

ESG Jobs

Listing of open jobs at ESG Enablers and Adopter companies, to help you start or further your ESG journey.

Bringing The ESG Ecosystem Together

ESG Enablers

ESG Enablers

Innovative technology companies developing groundbreaking solutions for a brighter, sustainable future.

ESG Adopters

ESG Adopters

Forward-thinking companies seamlessly integrating these tech solutions to drive sustainable transformation.

ESG Investors

ESG Investors

Visionary investors recognizing the potential in ESG-focused companies, powering the next wave of eco-tech innovations.

ESG Soldiers

ESG Soldiers

The passionate students and professionals on the ground, driving change, and pushing boundaries for a more sustainable world.

Who we are?

We are a research firm that has been tracking the sustainable and digital transformation of organizations for more than six years now. Founded in 2016, by Sumit Kumar and Kanchan Singh, after having worked on ESG Assessment of companies for clients that included ESG rating agencies, corporations, and even for investors. 

In our journey at ESG Intelligence, we have helped large corporations assess their supply chain sustainability challenges, by conducting in-depth supplier risk assessments of their critical suppliers that included 360-degree analysis of their business, financial and sustainability-related risks. 

We have also tracked the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology ever since the crypto boom of late 2017. While doing this, we have seen this technology being used as a synonym for bitcoin to it becoming a critical enabling element of the digital transformation stack for CIOs and CTOs around the world.

Beyond blockchain, we have worked on reports that traced the disruption and evolution happening in various sectors such as SpaceTech, AgTech, FinTech, and even the Cannabis sector as they adopt emerging technologies.

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We publish a new case study about emerging technologies driving sustainability use cases. Check out today's cases study and take a quick quiz to test your learning.

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Check out the industry case studies related to ESG themes and see what the industry is doing to address this issue using technology.

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