About ESG Intelligence

Sustainability and Technology are two axes around which significant evolution is taking place and this evolution shall only intensify in the near future. This change warranties urgent, agile and informed decision-making from corporate leaders and investors to ensure their companies, supply chains and investments are on the right side of this change. ESG Intelligence Private Limited is a ESG research and technology intelligence firm, that facilitate this decision-making for its clients.

We provide risk management and sourcing intelligence solutions to corporations, responsible investors and investment managers. We help them assess, monitor and evaluate the risk exposure of their portfolio companies, critical suppliers, and strategic partners. At the same time we help make intelligent decisions about which vendors are likely to ride the opportunities presented by their focus on emerging technologies.

Our Solution: 

Our solution is delivered through a set of three complimentary research products – assessment, intelligence, and expert insights. These products come together to provide a wider, continuous, and deeper coverage on risks that can disrupt the business and sustainability of companies. These companies can be a part of your investment portfolio, or can be one of your critical suppliers, or a strategic partner. Find out more about our solution here.

Our differentiator – the ESG Expert Network: 

The research industry is struggling with a dual problem of information overload and inconsistent reporting by companies. Therefore, it is easy for analysts and consumers of research to get swayed by flashy jargon, green-washing, and misleading data that is used to cover-up risks and short-comings by faulting companies. To make-up for the scarce and inconsistent reporting, and to help our clients understand the real implications of the underlying risks, we are creating the ESG expert network. This is a growing network of experienced industry professionals who understand the impact of various business, technology and sustainability risks a company might face.

The ESG Expert network is an integral part of our solution, and allows clients to engage pre-screened, high quality experts adds unique value to their research. Find out more about our expert network here.

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