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Top Four Enterprise Blockchain Consortia Trends

Forming consortia has been a strategy of many enterprises that are experimenting with blockchain technology because, for the successful implementation of blockchain, a number of stakeholders must be on-board.

Governments remain bullish on blockchain for healthcare sector

Healthcare is one of the sectors where governments and private enterprises co-exist in many countries. In this article, we explore how various governments are embracing the blockchain technology to address industry issues and drive efficiencies.

Blockchain-based trade finance platforms: Winners for banks & Insurers

It’s no surprise, then, that the application of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) in trade finance has become an important focal point for financial institutions around the world. This application has the capacity to make the overall trade flow – currently hampered by outdated processes, faster and more cost-effective.

Blockchain in Insurance Industry – Gaining Momentum

The insurance industry is largely process-driven and many of these processes require a significant human intervention. These processes include selling, evaluating, analyzing, processing, and activating, policies; customer service and management; receiving, validating,...

Blockchain – Proxy Voting: Made for Each Other

Annual General Meetings are supposed to be an ornament of transparency that is associated with publicly listed companies. Important decisions that influence business and sustainability performance of the company are put to vote in front of all shareholders,...

Food and beverage supply chains are keen to embrace the blockchain

After a sudden surge in blockchain adoption within food supply chain in the last quarter of 2017, the momentum seems to have continued in the first quarter of 2018. Here are some trends related to the enterprise blockchain adoption for projects related to food and beverage supply chains.

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