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Risk Management for your Critical Suppliers
We provide 360-degree supplier risk management and supplier monitoring solutions, to ensure that your critical suppliers remain risk-free and add to your sustainability.

Our Value Proposition

Why ESG Intelligence?

We have developed our risk management solutions after discussions with several procurement and sustainability decision-makers at organizations over the past seven years. Our comprehensive yet customizable solutions and flexible engagement options offer an exceptional value proposition for chief procurement officers and chief sustainability officers at progressive organizations.

Get in touch with us today to find out how can we help you achieve your supply chain risk management and sustainability goals.

Comprehensive research methodology

In rapidly evolving and dynamic supply markets, our comprehensive assessment methodology that covers 100+ risk indicators will keep you informed about risk exposure of your critical suppliers.

Highly Customisable Research Solutions

While our solutions derive strength from our comprehensive methodology, we work closely with clients upfront, and during the project to optimise our delivery for them.


Our experienced research team has several years of experience, working with senior corporate and investment decision-makers – C suite technology and procurement officers; hedge fund and private equity fund managers; and senior industry consultants.

Flexible Engagement Options

We are extremely client-focused and flexible when it comes to commercial engagements, we offer a variety of options to our clients such as ad-hoc research, subscription, and FTE options.

Great Value for Money

Our small footprint and lean operating model, allows us to deliver exceptional value for money through our research services.

Our Edge

360-degree Supplier Risk Assessment


Risk management for your critical suppliers

As supply chains grow global and integration with critical supplier becomes stronger, the added efficiency comes with an enormous amount of risk that you cannot ignore. Procurement and Sustainability decision-makers should review their supplier portfolios to identify their critical suppliers and prepare a risk management strategy for these suppliers. They should establish a process of periodic third-party risk assessment of these suppliers, and also monitor them on a regular basis.

In order to ensure that your critical suppliers remain risk-free, we provide high-quality customized research solutions for assessment, monitoring and benchmarking of your critical suppliers.

Supplier Risk Assessment

Periodic and comprehensive risk assessment for your critical suppliers.

Supplier Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your critical suppliers for dynamic risk exposure tracking.

ESG Assessment

Peer-benchmarked comprehensive ESG assessment reports for your organization and your critical suppliers.

Supplier Sustainability Benchmarking

Supplier portfolio benchmarking on the basis of sustainability performance and compliance.

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