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Blockchain Vendor/ ICO Evaluation
Comparison and evaluation of blockchain vendors and upcoming ICOs offering enterprise blockchain infrastructure, applications (dApps) and platforms.

Blockchain vendor landscape is evolving

There are no straight choices for CIOs.

Even as blockchain adoption is becoming imperative for most enterprises, the actual process is easier said than done. The CIOs will have to make several choices while selecting the right vendor or vendors for their blockchain projects. Through our comprehensive database, we can give CIOs an insight into what type of choices other enterprises have been making.
Blockchain Vendor Selection
ICO Evaluation

Proper ICO Evaluation is crucial

Investors need a robust and more inclusive research methodology.

While ICOs are a great tool for innovative start-ups to access capital markets, the confidence levels in ICOs is fast declining. This because of a poor showing by most ICOs in the first nine months of 2018, as highlighted in a recent study by EY. We can use our enterprise blockchain database to evaluate the use case proposed by ICOs and check if it matches industry demand.

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