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Blockchain Use Case Analysis
Our research team identifies the best blockchain use cases for your business.

Current Scenario

Everything blockchain is not Gold.

With so many blockchain use cases being speculated, and an even higher number of ICOs getting lined up, there is surely a lot of froth in the blockchain related innovation space. Separating unviable use cases and fraud ICOs from the real winning use case is getting extremely tough (remember dot com bubble, do you?)


Unavailability of structured Intelligence.

The internet is flooded with reports, blogs, and white papers suggesting how blockchain can disrupt every industry. However, structured, accurate, and comparable information about how enterprises are using this technology is still amiss.


We separate the wheat from the chaff.

Through our comprehensive database of enterprise blockchain projects, we address this basic problem. We also conduct additional research to identify benefits that blockchain adoption can yield for not only enterprises but also other stakeholders in their value chain.

Who benefits?

Organizations that benefit from this solution


  • How can blockchain help you achieve your business and sustainability objectives?
  • What industry pain-points can blockchain resolve?
  • How do other stakeholders in value chain – suppliers, customers, regulators benefit by using blockchain?
  • How are your peers using this technology and what are learnings from their projects?
  • How does blockchain integrate with other emerging technologies – IoT, AI, 5G, Big Data, and become a part of your digital transformation journey?

Government Agencies and Regulators

  • What initiatives are various governments/ regulators taking to promote blockchain adoption?
  • What are the benefits that various stakeholders will derive from blockchain adoption in a particular industry/ sector?
  • How does blockchain integrate with other emerging technologies – IoT, AI, 5G, Big Data?
  • How can blockchain help countries/ organizations work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals?

Blockchain Vendors

  • What are the various use cases in this industry that enterprises are pursuing?
  • How will your enterprise clients and their different stakeholders benefit from blockchain adoption?
  • What industry pain-points can blockchain resolve?
  • Which type of enterprises in an industry are most likely to adopt blockchain?
  • How can blockchain help your enterprise clients improve their sustainability performance?

Blockchain Investors

  • What are the various use cases for blockchain adoption in a particular industry?
  • What are the various industry pain-points that these use cases can address?
  • Which sustainability themes can benefit from the blockchain technology (for SRI investors)?

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Looking for Something else?

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