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Identify use cases | Impact-feasibility analysis | Vendor landscape analysis

Identify Use Cases

Learn from what other enterprises are doing with blockchain to identify the best use case for your enterprise/ organization.

Largest enterprises in nearly each industry sector are experimenting with the blockchain technology, in order to pursue a competitive advantage. Operating in ignorance can prove to be a strategic blunder for other enterprises. ESG Intelligence, allows you to not only watch but also learn from the action of blockchain projects that are already underway in your industry so that you do not end up reinventing the wheel.

Impact-feasibility Analysis

Assess use case impact in terms of benefits to participants, and the feasibility in terms of commercialization challenges.

We do not stop at identifying the various blockchain use case, but also conduct a thorough benefit analysis to uncover the benefits that various participating stakeholders can get by adopting blockchain. At the same time, we also assess why similar projects have not seen commercialization yet, to identify the challenges you will have to overcome before you take your project from pilot to commercial. 

Vendor Landscape Analysis

Learn and compare the capabilities of various blockchain vendors, to identify the right vendor for your blockchain project.

The blockchain vendor landscape is crowded and difficult to navigate. Enterprises not only have to make a choice between choosing a third-party DApp solution vs. building an application in-house using a BaaS solution provider. Choosing the right blockchain platform among so many that are available, only adds to this complexity. Our intelligence on enterprise projects and vendors can make it easy for you.

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Identify use cases | Impact-feasibility analysis | Vendor landscape analysis

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