Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence

Curated, Comprehensive and Current intelligence on enterprise blockchain adoption across industries.

Enterprise Blockchain Adoption – Projects and Consortia


Enterprise Blockchain adoption has been taking place by two parallel routes that have now started to cross paths at several junctures.

  • The first route is the one that we call blockchain projects, where one or more organizations conduct a pilot or a proof of concept study on a blockchain use case. In such projects the organizations might use public or private blockchains depending on the use case at hand.
  • The second route is a more formalised consortium of multiple stakeholders with an objective of testing blockchain technology for one or more use cases, and agreed upon governance models for the consortium. Here, special private blockchains called the consortium blockchains are used, where stakeholders get permission to access to the blockchain basis there position in the consortium.

In order to provide the most comprehensive enterprise blockchain intelligence, we have been tracking the initiation and development of various blockchain projects and consortia from across industries and countries.

What do we offer?

Intelligence on all blockchain consortia

Here you get access to the most comprehensive intelligence on blockchain consortia that are taking shape across the globe so that you can bring yourself up-to-speed with all the serious action with regards to blockchain adoption. This platform includes:

  • A living list of all blockchain consortia, that helps you to keep a track of new consortia formations and how existing consortia are maturing.
  • A living list of senior blockchain leaders – from enterprises, technology vendors, and other stakeholders, that are driving these consortia.
  • A pivot based use-case dashboard that will help you analyze the use case focus of various consortia.

As of July 2020, we have 280+ blockchain consortia and 2,000+ blockchain leaders on this list.

Please check out our SIA platform for Blockchain Consortia Intelligence.

Sectoral intelligence on blockchain Projects

Here we deliver comprehensive intelligence on blockchain adoption in a particular industry or sector through the following elements for each sector:

  • Dashboard – Graphical summary of all the action that has taken place in the sector.
  • Profiles of all relevant blockchain consortia
  • Summary of all relevant enterprise blockchain projects
  • Mapping of all relevant use cases with projects and consortia
  • Profiles of all participating companies
  • List of senior blockchain leaders

As of August 2020, the intelligence on the healthcare sector is available and you can request a demo here.