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Blockchain consortium formation is an industry-agnostic phenomenon.

While 2016 and 2017 were the years when blockchain activity was getting traction in the BFSI sector, 2018 was the year when this technology has been acknowledged by all other industries. This is evident from the formation of a number of blockchain consortia from different industry sectors. This is a very positive development, but enterprises who still ignore the action might be too late. 

Our Blockchain Consortium Solutions

Intelligence on consortia

Track how other industry stakeholders are approaching blockchain consortia

Whether you are exploring which use cases are best suited for your business, or are looking to test a valuable use case you have identified. Joining or forming a blockchain consortium is a logical next step, instead of reinventing the wheel. We track the formation and evolution all enterprise blockchain consortia on a regular basis and can get you closest to the action.

Benefits vs Considerations

Evaluate if joining/ forming a blockchain consortium aligns with your business goals.

Blockchain consortia are a bridge between ideation and commercialization of blockchain use cases. However, enterprises need to make an informed decision about whether joining an existing blockchain consortium or starting their own would be a better option for them. We ease this decision-making through our research, based on examples of successful and failed consortia.

Consortium Building Support

Ready Intelligence on who should join your consortium and what drives them.

If you have decided to form your own blockchain consortium, we can be your partners in helping you build your consortium. Through our intelligence, we can help you identify the like-minded stakeholders that you can engage easily. We can also provide research on what benefits these stakeholders can derive through your consortium, which should ease your discussions with them.

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Intelligence on consortia | Benefits vs Considerations | Consortium building support

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