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Blockchain Consortium Analysis

Comprehensive Intelligence and analysis of all blockchain consortia, to advice enterprises and blockchain technology vendors interested in forming or joining consortia.

Current Scenario

Projects are not moving beyond Pilots and PoCs.

While new enterprise blockchain projects are being initiated every day, the rate of commercialization for many use cases remains very low. While there are some technical reasons around scalability and security, the biggest stumbling block seems to be the inability of participating stakeholders to arrive at a consensus.


Enterprises are struggling to establish consensus.

The two biggest reasons for not being able to arrive at a consensus is the lack of trust among participating stakeholders and the absence of a robust structure for participation. A well structured and governed consortium of required participants can address these two concerns and can allow enterprises to expedite commercialization.


We help you learn from successful consortia.

We track the progress of all blockchain consortia and analyze them to deliver best practices and approaches that successful consortia have adopted. We also provide intelligence, on whether you should join an existing blockchain consortium, or create a new consortium with like-minded industry participants from your ecosystem.

Blockchain Consortium

Don’t be left behind

Blockchain consortium formation is an industry-agnostic phenomenon.

While 2016 and 2017 were the years when blockchain activity was getting traction in the BFSI sector, 2018 is the year when this technology has been acknowledged by all other industries. This is evident from the formation of a number of blockchain consortia from different industry sectors. This is a very positive development, but enterprises who still ignore the action might be too late.

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