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BUC1404 – Enterprise blockchain project – Traceable Life-cycle, Food Products

Stakeholders: Food Processor, Grocery Retailer
Key Benefits: It will enable the stakeholders to trace the complete life cycle of a food product which is updated in real-time. It will improve operational efficiencies and will identify problematic food, saving on food waste. Also, it will offer traceability to consumers who increasingly want information about whether their food is sustainable, fairly sourced and healthy.

BUC0722 – Enterprise blockchain project – Supply Chain Sustainability, Management, Provenance

Stakeholders: Government Organization, Trade Association (Canegrowers)
Key Benefits: The initiative will use blockchain capabilities to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability in the sugarcane farms. Consumers and manufacturers will be able to trace the origin of sugar. Consumers will pay more in the future for feasible and traceable sugar as this product becomes more and more popular worldwide. It will help in soil health and plant nutrition management as well as workplace health and safety requirements.

BUC0736 – Enterprise blockchain project – Paperless Trade, Digital Certificates, Trade Finance

Stakeholders: Bank, Food Supplier, Logistics Company, Port Operators, Rail Operator
Key Benefits: partners were able to view and track the location of the shipment, as well as view the conditions, such as temperature and humidity inside the container, via four IoT devices. The blockchain-enabled supply chain allows partners to upload and access documents, such as bill of lading, certificates of origin, and other documents required by customs, which streamlined the processes.

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