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BUC0495 – Enterprise blockchain project – Exit Poll, Election, Prediction

Stakeholders: Research Center
Key Benefits: Exit polls are skewed and often seen as propagated by parties. Conducting exit polls on blockchain will remove such doubts. Exit polls give a prediction on the outcome of the election, thus providing a transparent and trusted exit poll will allow making predictions more accurate. Future elections can be conducted using blockchain technology, removing the fear of tampering or malpractice from the polls. Conducting exit polls on blockchain removes the fear of cyber attack.

BUC0386 – Enterprise blockchain project – Boost Customer Loyalty, Brand Recall

Stakeholders: Coffee brand
Key Benefits: Customer loyalty: Allows customer to convert reward points from multiple vendors to common crypto-currency. It also allows customers to monetize their marketing preference information.
Customer retention: It allows more and more customers coming back again and again. Ultimately the company will be able to retain more and more customers.
Increase in brand awareness: Customer will be able to recall the brand more easily and frequently.

BUC0384 – Enterprise blockchain project – Loyalty Coins, Improve Customer Retention

Stakeholders: Fast Food chain
Key Benefits: Customer loyalty: Customer can earn platform-specific coins with each ruble spend in-store. These can be redeemed later on after certain accrued points. This helps the chain to retain customer and maintaining customer loyalty.
Increase in brand awareness: Customer will be able to recall the brand more easily and frequently.

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