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BUC0560 – Enterprise blockchain project – Faster, Secure Commodity Trading

Stakeholders: Commodity Trading Company
Key Benefits: The platform will solve the challenges faced by the physical commodity trading industry by digitizing the end to end trading process. The platform ensures that critical documents can’t be tampered with at any point across the supply chain – right from the supplier to the buyer. This removes documentation fraud and the need for third-party agencies. The use of self-executing smart contracts removes the need for paper documents. It will reduce the scope of manual error, long transaction periods and overhead costs. A typical trade that takes many days to transfer documents can be done much faster. This will eliminate the risks for all parties involved in documentation – seller, buyer and even the banks.

BUC0523 – Enterprise blockchain project – Documentation Fraud Prevention, Product Tracking

Stakeholders: Energy Provider, Agri-product Based Company, Shipbroking and Maritime Consultancy Group, Shipping and Logistics Company, Commodity Trading Company, Private Investing Firm
Key Benefits: It will prevent documentation fraud and help in tracking of products. It converts paper contracts into digital contracts reducing manual documentation errors and saving overhead costs. The platform converts digital contracts into smart contracts that self-execute when the pre-determined conditions are met, saving processing time and making the trade flow faster.

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