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ESG Intelligence closely tracks the enterprise blockchain adoption across different industries, countries, and applications. We have provided sourcing intelligence to several senior IT decision makers, who are exploring the adoption of this technology. Our database of 800+ enterprise blockchain projects and 500+ enterprise blockchain vendors make us the right source to start your blockchain research.

Our team is well equipped to produce research reports customized to your specifications and focusing on the use of blockchain in any industry/ applications/ country. Here are some ways in which our research can help you:

  • What are the benefits that every stakeholder will derive from blockchain adoption?
  • What are the blockchain adoption trends with respect to project initiation, platform selection, and vendor selection?
  • What are major challenges to commercialization of the technology?
  • How does blockchain integrate with other emerging technologies – IoT, AI, 5G, Big Data?
  • How can blockchain help organizations improve sustainability performance?
  • Identification, comparison, and analysis of vendors who are working on blockchain implementation.

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Select Enterprise Projects/ Blockchain Use Cases

Acumatica Sustainability Assessment1

Acumatica Sustainability Assessment benchmarked against its closest peers from the industry to bring out the sustainability risks and improvement opportunities.

Blockchain Consortia Trends and Outlook 2021

Blockchain consortia have the potential to take many successful pilots and proof of concepts that were done in the last few years, to commercialization, by bringing all relevant stakeholders on board. They can emerge as the preferred method of blockchain adoption for enterprises by creating industry level trust networks.

Blockchain Consortium Trends – July 2020

The tally of 48 new consortia in the first seven months of 2020 is impressive. The visible slack compared to last year can be attributed to the COVID-induced disruptions that have rocked the IT-spending across sectors.

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Region Focused – REG015

Consortium ID: REG015 Consortium Name: Alberta Blockchain Consortium Major Members: Deloitte, Accenture, RBC, McMilan, Energy Now, MNP, and more Platform: NA Industry: Cross-Industry Major Use Case(s): NA Consortium Announced: 01-Feb-2019 Size: Medium Maturity:...

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Region Focused – REG014

Consortium ID: REG014 Consortium Name: Aston Alliance Major Members: Aston, Xblocksystems, BaaSid, P.R.O Co.,Ltd., Handysoft, Hancom Secure, Sejongtelecom, KT NET Platform: Aston Platform Industry: Cross-Industry Major Use Case(s): Electronic Document Transfer...

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Real Estate – RES005

Consortium ID: RES005 Consortium Name: Natwest Consortium Major Members: Coadjute, Natwest, Dezrez Estate Agency Software, Redbrick Solutions Conveyancing Software, eTech Surveyor Software, Search Acumen Property Data, Conveyancing Data Services Property Data, and LMS...

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Real Estate – RES004

Consortium ID: RES004 Consortium Name: Project Plasma Major Members: Assentian Limited, Vinci Construction UK Limited, Skanska Technology Limited, Building Research Establishment Limited, Nplan Limited Platform: NA Industry: Real Estate Major Use Case(s): Construction...

Blockchain Consortium Profiles – Professional Services – PFS007

Consortium ID: PFS007 Consortium Name: Commercio Consortium Major Members: Commerc.io srl, BlockIT Srl, Faber System spa Platform: Tendermint Industry: Professional Services Major Use Case(s): NA Consortium Announced: 12-Dec-2019 Size: NA Maturity: NA Description:...

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