Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases - Travel and Tourism Industry

Blockchain Dashboard - Travel and Tourism

Comprehensive coverage of blockchain action taking place in the Travel, Tourism and Airline industries. Blockchain Projects, use cases, consortia, enterprises involved, executive decision makers, and benefits of blockchain adoption.

Popular Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Travel and Tourism Sector

Hotel Inventory Management


Key Benefits: Blockchain enables significant savings in terms of administrative costs and break the monopolistic hold of intermediaries. It enhances the customer experience and allows more profitable bookings.

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Customer Loyalty Management


Key Benefits: It offers a transparent, secure loyalty scheme for the customers and allow them to earn rewards which can be used for payments at special POS systems. it also benefits the enterprises by providing them a verified customer feedback.

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Crypto Travel


Key Benefits: Crypto currencies can enhance travel experience to a great extent as they allow travelers to exchange any currency with a global currency or make payments using crypto currency. It enhances a country’s economy and increase the number of visitors.

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Tourism Marketplace


Key Benefits: An immutable travel/ tourism marketplace platform will eliminate the need for intermediaries and enhance the customer experience. It also helps to increase the revenue for the enterprises/ governments.

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Passenger Identity Management


Key Benefits: Blockchain-based digital identities enables bio-metric authentication of the passengers and eliminate the need for multiple travel documents. Blockchain makes it automated and efficient.

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Flight Delay Insurance


Key Benefits: Customers can receive instant, transparent and complete claims due to the records on blockchain platform. This leads to saving on administrative costs also, not only for insurance companies, but for other stakeholders involved too.

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Supplier and Vendor Management


Key Benefits: Hotels and Restaurants to get visibility on supplies right from the farm or factory until it reaches the end customer in their room. Reduce costs due to disintermediation of the supply chain.

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Tracking Baggage


Key Benefits: It enables fast and secure sharing of information, improves security and reduce the operational costs. It also reduce the chances of theft of baggage.

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