Enterprise Blockchain Adoption - Real Estate Industry

Blockchain adoption – Real Estate Industry – Overview



Senior Executives


Top Use Cases

Land Title Registry

Commercial Property Renting

Real Estate Auctions

Fractional Ownership

Bank Guarantees

Collaboration on PPP projects

Get access to all information via the SIA platform

What is SIA Platform?

Smart Intelligence Access (SIA) Platform is the most comprehensive, curated, and current database of enterprise blockchain intelligence. It is a cloud-based platform that presents information through easy to consume reports, that can be customized and also facilitates API integration. 

What’s Included?

  • Consortium Profiles
  • Project Profiles
  • Profiles of companies involved in consortia and projects
  • Profiles of key executives driving consortia and projects
  • Use case dashboard to identify use case focus of projects and consortia


Want Custom Research Instead?

Request bespoke research

Not interested in knowing about blockchain adoption in the entire real estate industry? No problem, you can request bespoke research to address your specific requirement. Our team can use the information in our database and deliver the results you want in the format you want. Some indicative examples of what we can deliver are mentioned below:

  • Use case analysis reports
  • Geography specific adoption reports
  • Vendor landscape mapping
  • Identification of blockchain adoption challenges
  • List of project/ consortia related to specific use cases

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