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Comprehensive coverage of blockchain action taking place in the leisure and entertainment industry. Blockchain Projects, use cases, consortia, enterprises involved, executive decision makers, and benefits of blockchain adoption.

Blockchain Use Cases

Enterprises from the leisure and entertainment industry, are demonstrating strong confidence in the blockchain technology. Currently, these enterprises are testing this technology for more than 10 different use cases, some of which include, lottery management, movie financing, movie distribution, ticketing, royalty management, and IP protection, among others.

There are more than 25 enterprise blockchain projects underway in the leisure and entertainment industry across the globe. The adoption is well-spread among different categories – gambling, music, and movies.

Blockchain Projects

Countries where Blockchain Projects are Underway

The adoption of this technology within the leisure and entertainment industry is driven largely by developed markets of US and Europe. More than 61% of the projects are underway in the US, while Europe has 34% of the cases.

These projects are being executed by a mix of large system integrators, specialist blockchain vendors, consulting companies and in-house research teams. There is no clear template for engaging blockchain vendors yet, and different enterprises are using different combinations of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers, customized application developers, distributed application platforms (dApps), and in-house IT teams.

Blockchain Technology and Consulting Vendors

Enterprises Involved in Blockchain Projects

More than 65 enterprises have come forward to test this new technology. Some of the key industry stakeholders involved in these projects include gambling and lottery companies, music companies, event management companies, movie studios, streaming service providers, and gaming device manufacturers, among others.

These enterprise blockchain projects are helmed by senior executives that include a combination of business and technology decision-makers from enterprises as well as technology and consulting solution providers. 

Senior Decision Makers

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