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Blockchain Use Cases – Government and Public Sector

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Popular Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Government and Public Sector

Trade Finance


Key Benefits: Authorize and verify the trade transaction, reduces the time required and eliminates intermediaries as well as paper-based documentation.

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Healthcare Licenses


Key Benefits: It allows to verify healthcare providers through blockchain credentialing, which is reliable and secure. Also, the digital credentials allows to maintain authentic private profiles which can be shared and verified.

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Citizen Identity


Key Benefits: Make it easier and faster for citizens to provide proof of citizenship and residence. Reduce instances of forged documents for availing citizen services. Government Welfare can be transferred directly to the intended person. 

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Key Benefits: Drive transparency and honesty in the voting process. Votes can be anonymously verified and counted. Mobile voting can be introduced after authentication of the voter once.

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Key Benefits: Allows citizens to create and manage their electronic identity to access Government services such as Birth registration, death registration, marriage registration. Avoid instances of forged and lost documents. 

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Education Certificates

Key Benefits: Reduce fraud and misrepresentation while boosting the confidence of employers, governments, and schools. It will also empower the students to be the curators of their own credentials.

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Land Titles

Key Benefits: Make real estate transactions secure and transparent. Reduce frauds and property related disputes, easing pressure on the judiciary. Investors can get easy access to up-to-date market data.

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Patent Issuance


Key Benefits: Streamline the work of the patent office and provide secured data archive. Becomes faster and easy to file applications and claims.

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Inter-bank Payments


Key Benefits: Allows low-cost transactions in real-time, overcome difficulties related to delays, security and middlemen. Faster transactions also improves efficiency.

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Drug Supply Chain


Key Benefits: Prevents counterfeiting of the drugs and medicines by tracking the supply chain from the manufacturers to the patients. It minimizes fraud and potentially criminal activities. 

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Tourism Marketplace


Key Benefits: An immutable travel/ tourism marketplace platform will eliminate the need for intermediaries and enhance the customer experience. It also helps to increase the revenue for the enterprises/ governments.

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Vehicle Registration


Key Benefits: Streamline the process of vehicle registration and reduce the time required to get the registration. End-to-end vehicle lifecycle management using Blockchain will provide a reliable source of vehicle ownership and usage history. 

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Digitization of Legal Code


Key Benefits: Digitise components of the prosecution process to reduce the burden on the judiciary, make the judicial process faster and reduce costs.

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Lease Contracts


Key Benefits: Transaction times and costs can be reduced in the real estate industry. Faster and easier conclusion to legally binding lease contracts, monitoring of rental payments.

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Company Registration


Key Benefits: Streamline the process of setting up and operating a business. Ensure regulatory compliance and enhance collaboration and efficiency among government entities. 

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Diamond Certification

Key Benefits: Increase accountability, transparency and streamline the process of certification and tracking diamonds. Prevent market participants from losing their financial assets and counterfeit assets from entering the supply chain. 

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Key Benefits: Allows to view validated customer data in real-time and maintains data confidentiality. Administrative processes are simplified and customer satisfaction is improved. Streamlined auditing and regulatory compliance is possible on blockchain KYC platform.

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Digitized Health Records


Key Benefits: Drives transparency between the households and the distribution grid operators. Create self-balancing systems between the neighboring households

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Food Supply Chains


Key Benefits: Provide visibility into the food supply chain to consumers, and every authorized stakeholder in the supply chain. Tackle counterfeiting, food adulteration. Enable better compliance and faster recalls.

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Commodity Trading

Key Benefits: Trading commodities on a digital platform ease the cumbersome process of paper-based documentation and provides a fast, secure, low-cost and scale-able method of trade.

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Electricity Distribution


Key Benefits: Drive transparency between the households and the distribution grid operators. Create a self-balancing system between the neighboring households so that they can exchange excess electricity and at the same time stabilize the local grid.

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Digital Passports


Key Benefits: Increase the efficiency of verification of travellers with pre-recorded history, which will allow the security agencies to focus more on the travellers with high-risk background. Shorten the time for travellers to check out of airports. 

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