Enterprise Blockchain Adoption - Government and Public Sector

Blockchain adoption – Government and Public Sector- Overview




Senior Executives


Trade Finance

Inter-bank Payment


Healthcare Licenses

Drug Supply Chain

Digitized Health Records

Citizen Identity

Company Registration

Tourism Marketplace

Food Supply Chains


Vehicle Registration

Commodity Trading


Patent Issuance

Digitization of Legal Code

Electricity Distribution

Education Certificates

Lease Contracts

Digital Passports

Land Titles

Diamond Certification

How DO You USE Our Intelligence?

Blockchain Solution vendors can use our Intelligence to boost the effectiveness of their Sales and Marketing Campaigns: 

  • Research solution for marketing/ strategy team – reports & white papers.
  • Ready to use marketing content – articles, blogs, & infographics.
  • Periodic intelligence on focus markets – trackers and newsletters.
  • Rapid need-based intelligence for marketing team – stats, charts, trends, & lists.
  • Social Media marketing support – community management.
  • Access senior decision-makers for webinars and podcasts.

Enterprise leaders can use our Intelligence to make informed decisions about blockchain adoption:

  • Identify the right blockchain use case based on adoption trends
  • Identify the right blockchain vendors for specific use cases
  • Analysis on which blockchain platform to use for specific use cases
  • Identify the right blockchain consortia to join
  • Identify the right blockchain consultants to drive your blockchain initiatives.
  • Create marketing content to tell your blockchain story.

How will you use this information, Speak to our Team

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