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Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Food and Beverage Sector

Actionable Intelligence for technology decision makers. Navigate through the noise surrounding blockchain, and focus on how the food and beverage sector is embracing blockchain.

Food and Beverage Sector

Bespoke Analysis of POPULAR Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases 

The enterprise blockchain adoption is continuing unabated across industries. Awareness about the business and sustainability impacts of using the blockchain technology in different use-cases is now become a necessary for CIOs, CTOs, and other key decision makers in every industry. 

ESG Intelligence been tracking the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology very closely for more than two years. We use this intelligence and conduct thorough secondary research to write insightful reports that deliver actionable intelligence that key decision makers seek. Please see some of the Case Studies that define the impact of our reports.

Food Supply Chain Management

Projects: 80+

Key Benefits: Provide visibility into the food supply chain to your consumer, and every authorized stakeholder in the supply chain. Tackle counterfeiting and enable faster recalls.

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Supplier Finance

Projects: 6

Key Benefits: Standardize, and improve the efficiency of supplier finance process, by putting it on a transparent and near-real-time blockchain platform.

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Direct to Consumer

Projects: 14

Key Benefits: Blockchain-based e-commerce platforms save significant trade promotion costs and give greater control to food manufacturers and consumers.

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Projects: 5

Key Benefits: Eliminate counterfeit products from the food supply chain by issuing authenticity certificates on an immutable blockchain.

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Supplier Payments

Projects: 6

Key Benefits: Reduce payment cost and improve supplier relationships by boosting their working capital by making supplier payments on blockchain.

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Loyalty Management

Projects: 13

Key Benefits: Blockchain-based loyalty management platforms allow more flexibility to consumers, by allowing them to trade or cash-out.

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Commodity Trading

Projects: 10

Key Benefits: Trade food commodities on a blockchain platform for faster, safer, and more efficient transactions, as a result of disintermediation.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Projects: 10

Key Benefits: Track sustainability performance of your suppliers on a blockchain platform and create mechanisms to incentivize sustainable suppliers.

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Consumer Payments

Projects: 5

Key Benefits: Retailers and Consumer can both benefit from greater efficiency and lower transaction costs of blockchain-based consumer payment platforms.

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