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Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence – Food and Beverage Sector

The need for Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence

The criticism around the lack of usefulness of blockchain technology, after the crypto-debacle of late 2018, is as overhyped as the panacea-like status given to the technology at the peak of the crypto-spike in 2017. Beyond this over-reaction, the enterprise adoption of this technology continues at a steady pace, as the trend of enterprise blockchain projects suggests. In the last couple of years, the food and beverage sector has moved forward with blockchain – some expectations have been rationalised, new benefits have been uncovered, some challenges have been addressed and new challenges have emerged. 

Today, key decision-makers at all stakeholders in the food and beverage ecosystem – growers, processors, manufacturers, transporters, distributors, regulators, and retailers – should dedicate some time and resources towards understanding enterprise adoption of blockchain in the sector. This will allow them to act before the sector gets disrupted. 

To address this need, ESG intelligence presents the enterprise blockchain intelligence platform for food and beverage sector.

The Food and beverage EBI platform gives you get access to:

  • 140+ Enterprise blockchain projects focused on F&B sector
  • 260+ Enterprises/ organizations involved in these projects
  • 90+ Blockchain vendors working on these projects 
  • 250+ Key executives driving these projects 
  • Five Blockchain consortia focused on F&B sector
  • Enterprises and vendors, who are a part of these consortia
  • Curated updates on:
    • Vendor developments – new products, partnerships, M&A, and project updates.
    • Expert Opinion – Comments / Opinion of key industry leaders and experts.
    • Blockchain Challenges – Developments related to enterprise blockchain challenges
    • Reports – Latest survey reports about blockchain adoption

The subscription gives you access to the platform for one year! 

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