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Blockchain Use Cases – Banking and Financial Services Industry

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Popular Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Banking and Financial Services Sector

Trade Finance


Key Benefits: Authorize and verify the trade transaction, reduces the time required and eliminates intermediaries as well as paper-based documentation.

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Cross-border Remittance


Key Benefits: It offers a fast, secure, transparent, convenient and low-cost medium to transfer money across borders. Blockchain reduces the remittance fees and intermediary cost.

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Bond Trading


Key Benefits: Blockchain-based bond trading platforms helps in the streamlined, transparent and near real-time issuing of bonds. Human effort and errors are reduced as a result of disintermediation.

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Key Benefits: It provides a common platform for banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience and operational efficiencies.

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Compliance Management


Key Benefits: Eliminate non-compliance, delays or manual errors in reporting by having the reporting organizations as well as the regulators/ authorities on a common blockchain platform.

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Asset Servicing Information Management

Key Benefits: Blockchain allows safekeeping of financial instruments and makes information exchanges efficient. It also ensures the security of information.

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Key Benefits: Blockchain can break the barriers of traditional micro financing by increasing transparency and reducing interest rates. Blockchain-based platforms enhance the livelihoods of smallholder clients and reduce the risk of any fraud. 

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Inter-bank Payments


Key Benefits: Allows low-cost transactions in real-time, overcome difficulties related to delays, security and middlemen. Faster transactions also improves efficiency.

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Trade Settlement


Key Benefits: Blockchain solutions are designed in a way to reduce errors, cost, fraud and processing time for each transaction. It has the potential to simplify the complex transaction processes.

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Private Share Trading


Key Benefits: Automated private share trading platforms eliminates the need for third party applications, offer transparency, security and cost reduction. 

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions


Key Benefits: Blockchain-based platform enables reliable and efficient systems for multi-party transactions.

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Mortgage Lending


Key Benefits: Blockchain significantly reduce the cost and operational risk and solve the data quality issues while enhancing transparency and eliminating paperwork and chances of manual errors.

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Fund Distribution


Key Benefits: It allows an efficient and transparent control of the distribution chain while eliminating unnecessary delays and reduce reconciliation costs.

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Syndicated Loans


Key Benefits: It allows a quick access to data and enables faster, transparent and efficient loan trading and settlement.  Blockchain allows for a secure and automated communication with the lenders.

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Consumer Payments


Key Benefits: The stakeholders can benefit because of enhanced efficiency and lower transaction cost of blockchain-based consumer payment platforms.

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Commodity Trading

Key Benefits: Trading commodities on a digital platform ease the cumbersome process of paper-based documentation and provides a fast, secure, low-cost and scale-able method of trade.

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Proxy Voting


Key Benefits: It increases the number of voting shareholders and eliminates the process of printing and distributing proxies. The automated process reduces human intervention and errors and enable traceable voting history.

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Key Benefits: Allows to view validated customer data in real-time and maintains data confidentiality. Administrative processes are simplified and customer satisfaction is improved. Streamlined auditing and regulatory compliance is possible on blockchain KYC platform.

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Repo Transactions


Key Benefits: Transaction costs and errors are reduced as a result of automation. Digitization saves time and increase trust among the participants. 

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Asset Securitization


Key Benefits: It helps financial institutions to bring new source of revenue by allowing users to get a loan for their digital asset.

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Digital Currencies


Key Benefits: It allows verified and real-time delivery of payments and provide a single-shared value to all the participants. Paper currency expenditure can be reduced. It is a secured and reliable method of transaction.

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