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Blockchain Use Cases – Banking and Financial Services Industry

Actionable Intelligence for technology decision makers. Navigate through the noise surrounding blockchain, and focus on how the banking and financial services industry is embracing blockchain.

Why Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence?

Blockchain can solve many problems for the banking and financial services (BFS) sector. Digital payments, Trade finance, trade settlement, proxy voting, bancassurance, bond issuance and trading, and syndicated loans are just of few of the many use cases, where banking and financial services firms have seen value in using blockchain. Several big and small players from the sector are undertaking blockchain projects in search of viable use cases.

While there is no dearth of information on blockchain and its benefits for the banking and financial services sector, it is very difficult to get updated, complete, comparable and structured information on how various enterprises are using this technology.

What do we offer?

  • Use-case Analysis Reports: A 360-degree analysis of each blockchain use case for the sector, that focuses on the industry pain points, stakeholder-benefit analysis, learnings from the various blockchain projects, challenges to commercialization of projects, and much more.
  • Consortia Intelligence Platform – BFS: A one-stop intelligence platform. that allows you to access, analyze and compare information on all the blockchain consortia focused on the banking and financial services sector. You can also identify key executives that you should engage with to take the next informed step.

Who benefits from our products?

  • Technology decision-makers at banking and financial services companies, or at a government /regulatory agencies.
  • Strategy executives at technology companies providing blockchain solutions to banking and financial services companies.
  • Technology consultants advising banking and financial services companies on their fintech investments and digital transformation efforts.
  • Anyone else trying to make sense of what blockchain can do for the banking and financial services companies.


Use-case Analysis Reports

Dig deeper into specific blockchain use-cases for the banking and financial services sector. Each use-case analysis report answers the following questions for you: 

  • Who are the enterprise stakeholders involved in that use-case?
  • What industry pain-points does blockchain address in this use-case?
  • What key benefits each participating stakeholder will get?
  • Which enterprises are already running projects focused on this use case? What are the current status of these projects?
  • Who are the key executives that are driving these projects?
  • What are the challenges to commercialization of these projects?
  • Which are the technology vendors working on these projects?

These reports can be completely customised to address any specific areas you want to focus on.

Consortia Intelligence Platform – BFS

  • 40+ Enterprise blockchain consortia focused on the banking and financial services sector
  • 200+ Enterprises/ organizations involved in these consortia
  • 50+ Blockchain vendors working on these consortia
  • 90+ Key executives driving these consortia
  • Consortia best practices.
  • Curated periodic newsletters on:
    • Consortia developments
    • Expert Opinion
    • Blockchain Challenges
    • New reports

The subscription gives you access to the platform for one year! 

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Popular Blockchain Use Cases for BFS Sector

Trade Finance

Reduce trade finance time and cost, eliminate manual errors and corruption.


Lower instances of unintentional mis-selling, as the bankers would have comprehensive and updated access to information about all insurance products

Post-trade Settlement

Faster settlement times will translate into higher liquidity and lower capital commitments. Distributed platform means savings on IT infrastructure.


Avoid fraud, and allow your customers to be assured that their information is secure, and they can control access to their digital identity.


Reduce payment time, cost and improve customer/merchant relationships by ensuring safe and near-real-time payments.

Mortgage lending reporting

Comply with reporting requirements, and avoid any non-compliance fees. Operational efficiency due to standardization of the reporting process

Commodity Trading

Trade commodities on a blockchain platform for faster, safer, and more efficient transactions, as a result of disintermediation.

Proxy Voting

Improved corporate governance and transparency in the shareholder voting process. Lower cost, due to the elimination of proxy form printing and distribution costs.

Bond Trading

Streamline and automate the process of bond trading and issuance by putting it on a bloackchain.

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