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Blockchain Use Cases – Automotive Industry

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Popular Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Automotive Sector

Electric Vehicle Charging

Key Stakeholders: Electric Utilities, Automobile Manufacturers, Charging Station Companies

Key Benefits: Owners of electric vehicles can locate authorized charging stations via an App. They can also pay for the energy via the app.

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Supplier Payments

 Key Stakeholders: Automobile Company, Automotive Suppliers

Key Benefits: Reduce payment cost and improve supplier relationships by boosting their working capital by making supplier payments on the blockchain.

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Promote Safe Driving

Key Stakeholders: Automobile Company, Telematics Companies, Insurance Companies

Key Benefits: It will allow drivers to track and share their driving data. The data can help insurance companies generate customised insurance policies by analyzing driving data. This shall promote responsible driving.

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Vehicle Data Sharing

Key Stakeholders: Automobile Company, Telematics Companies, Insurance Companies

Key Benefits: It will allow car manufacturers to track vehicle data while it is being driven. This data can be monetized or used for the development of autonomous vehicles.  It will improve driver experience. data can be easily shared. The platform ensures data security as well as data authenticity.

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Automotive Payments

Key Stakeholders: Automotive Manufacturers, Automotive Service centers, Insurance Companies, Toll companies, Government (tax) authorities.

Key Benefits: Transactions can be made using a blockchain-based mobility wallet, saving transaction time and costs. 

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Car Maintenance Logs

Key Stakeholders: Automotive Manufacturers, Automotive Service Centers, Insurance Companies, Car Aftermarket Companies.

Key Benefits: End-to-end vehicle lifecycle management using Blockchain will provide a reliable source of vehicle history. The platform will also ensure that data will not be lost, or hacked or modified for malicious intent.

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Motor Insurance Claim Settlement

Key Stakeholders: Motor Insurance Companies 

Key Benefits: Can eliminate human intervention and related errors/fraud. It can bring down the settlement time and cost.

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Loyalty Management

Key Stakeholders: Automotive Companies, Banking Companies, Fuel Companies, Other Related Companies.

Key Benefits: Blockchain-based loyalty management platforms allow more flexibility to consumers, by allowing them to trade or cash-out.

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Supply Chain Management

Key Stakeholders: Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers, Automotive Suppliers.

Key Benefits: Allows Automotive OEMs to manage the supply chain more efficiently and with transparency to optimize their production. It will also allow them to ensure the sustainability of their supply chains.

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Vehicle Registration

Key Stakeholders: Vehicle Registration Authorities, Vehicle Manufacturers.

Key Benefits: It will digitize the process of vehicle registration, eliminating the possibility of fraud or corruption in the process. It will also reduce the time taken for vehicle registration.

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Remote Car Unlocking/ Sharing

Key Stakeholders: Car Manufacturers.

Key Benefits: It will improve customer experience and facilitate faster remote car unlocking, and secure sharing of the vehicles

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Key Stakeholders: Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle Fleet Operators

Key Benefits: It will rewards vehicle operators with carbon credits based on their vehicles’ driving performance and carbon reduction.

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