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Blockchain applications - Retail industry

Blockchain applications – Retail industry

The list of applications where blockchain can be applied in the retail industry, along with the use cases covered in each report:


  • Tracking of luxury goods through supply chain
    • BUC084: Diamond Trading, Transparency, Accountability
    • BUC087: Luxury Goods Tracking, Diamonds, Art, Wine
    • BUC192: Diamond Supply Chain, Authenticity
  • Tracking of food products through supply chain
    • BUC043: Food Supply Chain, Trace Contaminated Products
    • BUC154: Tracking Food Supply Chain
  • Tracking of other products through Supply chain
    • BUC152: Fabric Verification, Near Field Communication
    • BUC181: Supply Chain Mapping, Digitization
  • Accepting digital payments
    • BUC015: Digital Currency, Cashless Consumer Spending
    • BUC073: Contactless Payment, Lower Payment Processing Costs
  • All Applications

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