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Blockchain applications - Insurance industry

Blockchain applications – Insurance industry

The list of applications where blockchain can be applied in the insurance industry, along with the use cases covered in each report:


  • KYC and information sharing
    • BUC272: KYC, Customer Information Management
    • BUC312: Information sharing, Reinsurance Contract
    • BUC022: Information Security, Inter-Insurer Communication
    • BUC289: Wearable Devices, Healthcare Data Sharing
    • BUC053: Multinational Insurance, Shared Policy Data
  • Trade finance
    • BUC117: Trade Finance, Low-Cost Transaction Execution
    • BUC222: Trade Finance, Cross-border Trade Transactions
    • BUC302: Swifter, Automatic Trade Data Sharing
  • Flight delay insurance
    • BUC099: Flight Delay Insurance, Automatic Compensation
    • BUC276: Overseas Flight Delay Insurance, Instant Settlement
  • Bancassurance
    • BUC155: Bancassurance, Reduce Processing Time
    • BUC211: Cross-border Bancassurance, Eliminate Paper-work
  • Reinsurance
    • BUC116: Reinsurance Contracts, Secure Transactions
    • BUC312: Information sharing, Reinsurance Contract
  • Captive insurance
    • BUC027: Commercial Insurance, Self Insurance
  • Insurance marketplace for SMEs
    • BUC186: SME Trading Platform, Insurance
  • Marine insurance
    • BUC045: Shipping Industry, Marine Insurance
  • Claim settlement
    • BUC153: Insurance Claim Management
    • BUC277: Motor Insurance Claims, Faster Settlement
  • Motor Insurance
    • BUC277: Motor Insurance Claims, Faster Settlement
    • BUC037: Data Exchange, Driver-less cars
  • Catastrophe swap management
    • BUC131: Catastrophe Swap Transactions

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