Enterprise Blockchain Projects - Private Equity Trading, Fundraising for SMEs

Overview – How blockchain is being used for private equity/ shares trading and Start-up/ SME fundraising

Blockchain is now losing synonymity with bitcoin and is being acknowledged as an enterprise technology. At the same time, the stakeholders in the private equity trading and startup fundraising ecosystem are now looking beyond the hype of the ICOs to explore how this technology can work for them.

Using blockchain based platforms for private shares trading and SME fundraising can benefit several stakeholders involved in the private and SME fundraising ecosystem – startups and SMEs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, crowdfunding platforms, and financial regulators, among others.

Some of these advantages would include:

  • Standardization of the fundraising process
  • Increased and streamlined access to investors for SMEs
  • Better enforcement of regulatory compliance and contracts through smart contracts
  • Reduction in time required to close private equity transactions
  • Reduction in paperwork and associated administrative costs

There are several enterprise blockchain projects that have been initiated by different stakeholders, as they are keen to unearth the benefits that such platforms can bring to the table. While pilot tests in some of these projects have yielded positive results, there are several challenges that need to be overcome, before such platforms see commercialization. We also note that 36% of the projects have been successfully commercialized, 27% of projects have been shelved for various reasons. 

Select Enterprise Projects/ Blockchain Use Cases

BUC476 – Equity Crowdfunding, Investment Syndicates

Stakeholders: Crowdfunding platform
Key Benefits: The platform facilitates equity fundraising for private companies, can manage investment syndicates smoothly, as well as investments made in different currencies.

BUC474 – Equity Fundraising Platform, Smart Contracts Governance

Stakeholders: Asset management company, Corporate venture capitalists, Angel investors
Key Benefits: The platform will reduce securities issuance costs, provide an early exit option to investors as tokens can be easily traded, the smart contracts will provide better governance and legal protection than traditional VC and angel investments.

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Your blockchain research starts here ...

ESG Intelligence closely tracks the enterprise blockchain adoption across different industries, countries, and applications. We have provided sourcing intelligence to several senior IT decision makers, who are exploring the adoption of this technology. Our database of 800+ enterprise blockchain projects and 500+ enterprise blockchain vendors make us the right source to start your blockchain research.

Our team is well equipped to produce research reports customized to your specifications and focusing on the use of blockchain in any industry/ applications/ country. Here are some ways in which our research can help you:

  • What are the benefits that every stakeholder will derive from blockchain adoption?
  • What are the blockchain adoption trends with respect to project initiation, platform selection, and vendor selection?
  • What are major challenges to commercialization of the technology?
  • How does blockchain integrate with other emerging technologies – IoT, AI, 5G, Big Data?
  • How can blockchain help organizations improve sustainability performance?
  • Identification, comparison, and analysis of vendors who are working on blockchain implementation.

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