Blockchain for Sustainability in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Sustainability issues facing Transportation and Logistics industry

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    How Blockchain-based projects are being used to address some of these issues

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ESG/ SDG Challenges

  • Identification and brief analysis of ESG/ SDG related challenges faced by this sector. Trying to understand the impact of these challenges and what are bottlenecks in resolution of these challenges.

Why Blockchain?

  • Brief analysis of why blockchain technology can be instrumental in developing solutions for the above ESG/ SDG challenges.

Project Briefs and Expert Comments

  • Summaries of the blockchain-driven sustainability projects that are currently underway in this sector with comments about expectations of key decision-makers from these projects. 

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Brief analysis of all stakeholders – enterprises, government agencies, non-profits, etc. participating in these blockchain driven sustainability projects.

Solution Providers Landscape

  • Brief overview of service provider landscape for blockchain-driven sustainability solution providers, as well as profiles of all solution providers that are working on projects in this sector. 

Investor Landscape

  • Brief analysis of investors that are funding the innovative solution providers for this sector, and profiles of all these investors.

Who Benefits from Our Reports?


  • Enterprises from the Transportation and Logistics Industry looking to address sustainability challenges.

Solution Providers

  • Solution providers developing sustainability solutions for this sector.


  • Impact investors looking to identify innovative companies that are addressing sustainability issues using disruptive technology.

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