Blockchain is now losing synonymity with bitcoin and is being acknowledged as an enterprise technology. At the same time, the stakeholders in the private equity trading and startup fundraising ecosystem are now looking beyond the hype of the ICOs to explore how this technology can work for them.

Using blockchain based platforms for private shares trading and SME fundraising can benefit several stakeholders involved in the private and SME fundraising ecosystem – startups and SMEs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, crowdfunding platforms, and financial regulators, among others.

Some of these advantages would include:

  • Standardization of the fundraising process
  • Increased and streamlined access to investors for SMEs
  • Better enforcement of regulatory compliance and contracts through smart contracts
  • Reduction in time required to close private equity transactions
  • Reduction in paperwork and associated administrative costs

There are several enterprise blockchain projects that have been initiated by different stakeholders, as they are keen to unearth the benefits that such platforms can bring to the table. While pilot tests in some of these projects have yielded positive results, there are several challenges that need to be overcome, before such platforms see commercialization. We also note that 36% of the projects have been successfully commercialized, 27% of projects have been shelved for various reasons.

Private Share Trading on Blockchain

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Our enterprise blockchain intelligence solutions have evolved after speaking to 100+ senior decision-makers at enterprises and leaders at blockchain technology companies, about how they want to use our intelligence. Our solutions can empower corporate and investment decision-makers to make intelligent and informed decisions, about blockchain use case identification, vendor selection, consortia identification, and at the same time allow you to prepare for challenges that make blockchain adoption difficult.

Our risk management solutions are aimed at identifying and mitigating supply chain risk for corporates. We conduct in-depth supplier risk assessments and monitor your critical supplier to uncover any supply chain disruption before it happens.

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