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BUC1400 – Enterprise blockchain project – Modernizing Commercial Justice

Stakeholders: Council of clerks
Key Benefits: It aims to modernize commercial justice, including the creation of the Digital Tribunal, investing in transparency and business security, and facilitating business creation. It will reportedly bring added transparency and efficiency through improved management of legal transactions related to the lifecycle of companies. Once deployed, clerks will be able to record and share information related to the exchanges of regulatory information related to companies’ difficulties, and the changes of status of the company registered on the French territory.

BUC1359 – Enterprise blockchain project – Port Supply Chain, Transparent

Stakeholders: Sea Port, Logistics and Supply Chain, Computer Software
Key Benefits: Blockchain has helped in creating and transmitting smart bills of lading.The prototype of this blockchain solution is to be launched in June 2019 and will initially focus on a few different types of documents but is expected to eventually cover the entire supply chain process.This will be made possible through the building of a chain of virtual and secure documents, which will allow sharing of data between interested parties, using certified blockchain technology.

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