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Blockchain Dashboard - Healthcare

Comprehensive coverage of blockchain action taking place in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry. Blockchain Projects, use cases, consortia, enterprises involved, executive decision makers, and benefits of blockchain adoption.

Popular Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases – Healthcare Sector

Digitized Health Records


Key Benefits: Authorized doctors will get instant access to patient’s medical history. Paper documents and reports are digitized and it can improve patient recovery as a result of reduced time taken in the tests and report verification. Researchers also get to verify provenance and consent of the data for medical advancements.

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Drug Supply Chain Management


Key Benefits: Prevents counterfeiting of the drugs and medicines by tracking the supply chain from the manufacturers to the patients. It minimize fraud and potential criminal activities. 

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Secure Data Exchange


Key Benefits: The data recorded on an immutable platform eliminates the chances of manipulated or stolen reports. It allows patients to share their data securely for research purposes. It guarantees patient confidentiality and integrity of their reports.

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Healthcare License Management


Key Benefits: It allows to verify healthcare providers through blockchain credentialing, which is reliable and secure. Also, the digital credentials allows to maintain authentic private profiles which can be shared and verified.

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Health Insurance Claim Adjudication


Key Benefits: Blockchain-based platforms allows near real-time, transparent and low-cost claim settlements for the patients. it eliminates paper documentation and intermediaries in the claim settlements.

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