Country blockchain adoption reports

Bring yourself up-to-date on blockchain adoption in a particular country, and how you should plan your blockchain adoption. Detailed analysis and insights into trends, regulatory framework, drivers and challenges for blockchain adoption in each country.

Country Blockchain Adoption Reports – Contents

Blockchain Adoption Trends

Trend analysis of blockchain adoption in the country and key takeaways for senior decision makers. Trends analyzed include adoption timeline analysis, project maturity levels, analysis of enterprises involved with respect to size and geographies, the preferred choice of vendors, and time taken for project commercialization, among others.

Analysis of Major Use Cases

Identification of major use cases that are seeing significant adoption in the country. Analysis of the factors that are going in favor of these use cases and the specific industry pain points that these use cases can address.

Vendor Landscape Analysis

Profiles and analysis of major vendors working on blockchain projects focused on the country. Big system integrators, pitched against dApp platform, and custom enterprise app developers.

Integration with other Emerging Technologies

Analysis of projects where blockchain technology is being used in conjunction with other emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and Big Data.

Blockchain for Sustainability

Identification and analysis of projects where blockchain technology is being used to drive better sustainability performance. We try to assess how the use of blockchain technology can help the companies improve their environmental, social, ethical and corporate governance performance, and contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Commercialization Challenges

Identification and analysis of challenges before the commercialization of these projects. Also an update on how the industry can deal with these challenges or is already doing so.

Adoption best practices

In the end, we summarise the entire analysis to derive at a few best practices that you should follow in order to adopt this technology. This part is entirely customized to suit the requirement of individual clients.

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Industry Blockchain Adoption Reports

Update yourself about how various stakeholders in various industries are adopting blockchain for popular as well as innovative use cases.

Use Case Analysis Reports

Dig deep into how different enterprises around the world are using blockchain technology for specific use cases.

Consortium Analysis Reports

An in-depth analysis of how blockchain consortia are taking shape in various industries to expedite blockchain adoption

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