Success Stories

Blockchain Research Case Studies

Success stories on how ESG intelligence has helped clients at various stages of blockchain research

Identifying best use cases for a global packaging company.
  • A leading global food packaging company wanted to identify how they can adopt blockchain to achieve their business and sustainability objectives.
  • We started by understanding their business and sustainability strategy and identified key objectives they wanted to achieve over the short-to-medium-term. We also studied the trends and challenges faced by various stakeholders in the food supply chain.
  • We then identified the blockchain projects, where involved enterprises were trying to achieve similar objectives and address similar business and sustainability challenges. We also identified blockchain consortia that were aligned with the strategic client’s objectives.
  • We delivered an insightful report suggesting five blockchain use case that was most suited for the client, with supporting analysis about how we arrived at these use cases. We also presented the benefits of joining blockchain consortia and suggested two consortia the client could join.
Helping a financial services firm start its blockchain journey by suggesting the right consortium.
  • A mid-sized financial services firm was excited about a blockchain use case but wanted to be confident before they spend their money.
  • We checked our database and verified that several other companies were experimenting with that use case, identified the potential benefits for stakeholders, identified and profiled the vendors that were involved in those pilot projects, and discovered that a blockchain consortium was focused on this use case.
  • We delivered our findings to them with a suggestion that they join the blockchain consortium to get a closer look at the findings of other stakeholders so far.
Helping a financial technology firm attract banks onto their blockchain platform.
  • A large financial technology firm launched its blockchain platform for the banking industry. However, it was unable to attract significant interest from banks in the region.
  • ESG Intelligence had more than 90 use cases involving banks was nicely positioned to help this firm, by highlighting industry issues that the blockchain technology can address.
  • We identified the benefits that banks and other stakeholders in the banking ecosystem will derive by adopting blockchain for various applications. Our report was used by their business development team to sharpen their pitch for the prospective banks.
Identifying best use cases and providing consortium creation support for a DApp platform focused on consumer products market.
  • A European blockchain start-up that had successfully completed its ICO for creating a blockchain-based platform focused on a particular use case, wanted to upgrade and create their own distributed applications platform for the consumer products industry. The client also wanted to create a blockchain consortium of key enterprises from a CPG sector.
  • We created a methodology to rate various use cases of blockchain in the CPG sector, by rating them the impact they can create as well as the feasibility of their commercialization. We then conducted a thorough analysis of 130+ blockchain projects related to consumer products sector in our database to map them with respect to the use case they were focused on. This gave us 18 popular use cases that the CPG industry was working on.
  • Next we rated each use cases on a 2X2 matrix of impact and feasibility to arrive at the best use cases the client should be targeting for their DApps platform. For each use case, we presented a supporting analysis of impact they can have by addressing common industry challenges.
  • We also studied the various industry consortia to produce a step-by-step plan for the client to create their consortium. Here we also highlighted the benefits each participating stakeholder can get from each use case, which should help their business development team engage the right stakeholders with the right pitch.
  • Finally, we also shared with the client a list of all companies that are involved in blockchain projects within the CPG sector so they can invite them to join their consortium.
Use case analysis of commodity trading application in agri-commodities space
  • A commodity trading firm from the United States wanted to assess the pros and cons of creating a blockchain-based commodity trading platform.
  • We analyzed eight enterprise blockchain projects where blockchain was being used for commodity trading of various agri-commodities from across the world. 
  • Through our analysis, we were able to give the client a comprehensive summary of current short-comings of commodity trading platforms. We also summarised how the enterprises that were involved in these projects expected to overcome some these challenges through blockchain.
  • Finally, we also analyzed the status and progress of these projects and identified reasons that were preventing some of these projects from completing, missing out on expected benefits, as well as simply being shelved. 
  • We also complemented our research by sharing with the client, the companies, vendors and key industry executives that were driving these projects.

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