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An in-depth analysis of how blockchain consortia are taking shape in various industries to expedite blockchain adoption. You can also access the most updated intelligence on blockchain consortia through our SIA platform.

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Consortia hold the key to meaningful blockchain adoption


As the Blockchain technology separates itself from the cryptocurrency frenzy, enterprises around the world are trying to find effective, viable, scalable, and sustainable use cases of this technology. Blockchain is a distributed technology and it requires confidence and collaboration from all participating stakeholders, to be most effective.

As Steve Jobs put it aptly a few years ago – “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We can take this quote and apply it in the context of blockchain technology. It would read something like – “Great things on the blockchain are never done by one organization. They’re done by a consortium of organizations. Today, blockchain technology has several strong use cases in each industry but requires collaboration among industry stakeholders to test, pilot and commercialize these blockchain applications. This urge is driving the formation of multiple industry consortia, and this rate of formation of consortia is only increasing.

New Blockchain Consortia formation continues to gain momentum

SIA Platform gives you access to intelligence on blockchain consortia and executives



*The list of executives includes senior business and technology decision-makers from these consortia, who are driving these consortia.

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The SIA (Smart Intelligence Access) platform gives you a ring-side view of all the action that has taken place in the last few years with regards to blockchain consortia formation.