Blockchain Consortium Analysis Reports

An in-depth analysis of how blockchain consortia are taking shape in various industries to expedite blockchain adoption. Includes an analysis of participating stakeholders, vendors, major use cases, benefits and success factors. 

Why Blockchain Consortium Analysis?


As the Blockchain technology separates itself from the cryptocurrency frenzy, enterprises around the world are trying to find effective, viable, scalable, and sustainable use cases of this technology. Blockchain is a distributed technology and it requires confidence and collaboration from all participating stakeholders, to be most effective.

As Steve Jobs put it aptly a few years ago – “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We can take this quote and apply it in the context of blockchain technology. It would read something like – “Great things on the blockchain are never done by one organization. They’re done by a consortium of organizations. Today, blockchain technology has several strong use cases in each industry but requires collaboration among industry stakeholders to test, pilot and commercialize these blockchain applications. This urge is driving the formation of multiple industry consortia, and this rate of formation of consortia is only increasing.

Our Blockchain Consortium Analysis reports allow business and technology decision-makers at enterprises, governments, and other industry bodies to understand the importance, benefits, considerations, and challenges to forming blockchain consortia. These reports also update you on all the action that has already taken place in your industry with regards to blockchain consortia and guide you on what you can learn from this.

How do we prepare Blockchain Consortium Analysis Reports?

We have been tracking the enterprise blockchain projects and blockchain consortia since mid-2017. In this process, we have created the most comprehensive database of enterprise blockchain projects and blockchain consortia. We combine this intelligence with the experience of our research team to produce highly customized reports for clients that included leading global enterprises, blockchain technology vendors, investment advisors, and technology consultants.

To address the increasing interest in blockchain consortia, we offer the blockchain consortium analysis reports, that can act as a key source of actionable intelligence for business and technology executives considering blockchain technology. The scope of the report is outlined below:

Common Content

  • Overview of blockchain consortia
    • Need for blockchain consortia
    • Types of blockchain consortia
    • The popularity of blockchain consortia
  • Benefits of blockchain consortia for enterprises (Consortia vs. Private Projects)
  • Success Factors: Factors that drive the success of a blockchain consortia
  • Considerations for the primary (founding members of blockchain consortia)
  • Blockchain Challenges: How blockchain consortia are helping overcome adoption challenges

Industry-specific Content

  • Blockchain consortia trends – for the industry
    • Timeline of blockchain consortia formation
    • Analysis of the size of blockchain consortia
    • Analysis of maturity of consortia
      • Mapping of maturity of consortia with and size of consortia
    • Identification of top blockchain use cases that are driving maximum consortia interest in that industry
  • Stakeholder benefit analysis: Mapping of how different stakeholders from the industry benefit by joining blockchain consortia.
  • Current industry pain points: Analysis of major industry issues in the industry ecosystem that these consortia can potentially eliminate.
  • Consortia Summaries: Profiles of blockchain consortia along with lists of major participating enterprises and vendors, as well as the list of key executives that are driving these consortia.
  • Vendor landscape analysis: Profiles and analysis of major vendors that are a part of these consortia and are driving them.
  • Adoption best practices: Includes a step-by-step plan for creating a blockchain consortium, as well as best practices from successful consortia and learnings from failed consortia.

The consortia data is updated every quarter, and reports can be customized to address specific questions from the client.

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