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A platform that allows senior industry executives and consultants to share their professional expertise with our clients that include investors, corporations, consulting firms, policy makers and law firms, among others.

Who should join?

If you are a senior industry professional or consultant who understands the factors that can derail the long-term sustainability of companies in your industry, this expert network is for you. Also, if you have sound business, legal, or technical understanding of how emerging technologies such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data can impact businesses in your industry. To give you an indicative list, if you can discuss any of the following topics about your industry, our clients might be seeking your opinion:

  • Environmental performance and its impact in terms of risks and opportunities.
  • Social responsibility of companies towards its employees, customers, suppliers and the community.
  • Importance of strong ethics and corporate governance, and the associated risks and opportunities.
  • Macroeconomic and geopolitical risks that can derail sustainable growth.
  • How can enterprises in your industry embrace transformational emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data.
  • The viability of various use cases for these emerging technologies in your in your industry.
  • How can enterprises navigate the challenges posed by adoption and commercialization of these use cases.
  • Expert witnesses on specific niche technology or risk areas.

Senior experts from any country can join the network.

Who are our clients?
  • Investors/ Investment Managers: Seeking opinion on long-term risks for a particular industry or a market, before investing in equity or debt.
  • Corporations: Evaluating risks before entering a market, engaging a supplier from a market, or trying to become more sustainable.
  • Policy makers and regulators: Seeking to take feedback from industry experts before making regulatory or policy changes.
  • Law firms: Seeking senior experts for expert witness enagagements.
How does it work?
  1. You join the network, by filling the registration form below, specifying your areas of expertise and topics you would like to consult on.
  2. We will prepare your anonymous biography based on the information you provide.
  3. This biography can be accessed by our clients, who register on our website. You can also write thought-leadership articles which we will showcase in our viewpoint section.
  4. Clients can request consultations with you, we check your availability and pertinence and schedule a consultation with you.
  5. You get paid according to the hourly rate that you choose while registering with us.
How do you benefit?
  • Share your expertise: This is a platform that allows you to share your expertise with industry stakeholders – investors, corporations, regulators, researchers and policy makers, and help them make informed decisions.
  • Stay updated: The consultations update you on what other stakeholders in the industry are focusing on, or what they percieve as the next big risk or opportunity.
  • Financial compensation: You can set a competitve hourly rate for your time, and we will be happy to compensate you accordingly. We can also donate this amount towards a noble cause on your request.

Join the network by completing this form

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If you have any questions regarding the registration process, or would like to know more about our company, please contact our expert relationship team via:

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