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The role of business intelligence in strategic decision-making, and the role of financial intelligence in investment decision-making is as clear as a glass of plane water. However, in today’s information-driven world companies need to expand the coverage of their business intelligence to drive competitive advantage. At the same time, investment decision-makers are trying to broaden the scope of information they are using for their analysis. The growth of ESG-research-driven investments is a simple testimony to this urge for more intelligence.

Corporate decision-makers, such as heads of procurement, technology and sustainability can benefit immensely from intelligence on supply-chain. Curated and periodic intelligence on critical suppliers can not only help companies mitigate supply-chain disruptions. At the same time, companies can also unlock several opportunities in the form of better supplier relationships and better knowledge transfer from supply-chain.

ESG intelligence provides curated intelligence on your critical suppliers, investments, and emerging technologies. Our intelligence is captured by an experienced research team and not software robots, and we filter-out the redundant information and share only meaningful updates with you. We provide platform-based-access to all clients to facilitate multi-user environments.

Benefits of our Intelligence Platform

  • Say ‘No’ to chocked inboxes. Avoid frequent emails from research teams.
  • Access assessments, intelligence and expert bios from one common platform.
  • Easy and organised access to current and archived research deliverables.
  • Flexibility of providing access to multiple research users in your organization.
  • Option of creating multiple user profiles to give selective access to different users.
  • Every user can contact our research team easily through the platform.
  • Option of getting email notifications for critical alerts.


Company Intelligence - Coverage
  • Software
  • IT Hardware
  • Business process management
  • Telecom services
  • Professional services
  • Payment solutions
  • Marketing services

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