Why Expert Insights?

Our Expert Insight solution provides you access to our exclusive expert network – ESG Experts. We handpick experts who can discuss various topics, issues, and developments that can impact long-term sustainability of companies. These experts are pre-screened for your specific requirements and are made available through various engagement options that include – telephonic consultations, in-person meetings, onsite consulting, custom surveys and even full-time positions.

Our experts are available to discuss with you, the various factors that can impact the performance of your investments or suppliers. Such advice is critical when you are trying to understand the potential impact of a risk emanating from the environmental, employee practices, regulations, n-tier supply chain, geopolitical instability, evolving technology landscape and corporate governance. Our hassle-free and flexible engagement process allows you to get the most comprehensive and accurate insights, just when you need them.

Key benefits:

  • Diversified expert coverage: Our experts can discuss all potential risk and opportunity areas for any company.
  • Flexible engagement options: We offer experts for a variety of engagements which range from short telephonic consultations, to short-term contracted enagagements to even full time placements.
  • Pre-screened experts: Our research team, ensures that the expert who is presented for a consultation is well screened for pertinence to your requirements.
  • Access to our research team: Our expert network is handled by a highly experienced research team, this should make your engagement with us smooth and valuable.

Simple Expert Engagement Process:

Sustainability Experts process

Flexible Engagement Options

Telephonic Consultations

Short telephonic discussions with our experts can help you get first-hand viewpoint.

In-person Meetings

In-person meetings with experts can be arranged basis mutual availability.

On-site Consulting

Corporations can also engage our experts on short- or long-term consulting assignments.

Custom Surveys

Take a quick view of a targeted set of experts on specific topics, through our custom surveys.

Expert Witness

We also em-panel select expert witnesses for litigation issues.

Full-time Placements

Might as well hire one of our qualified experts for a full-time position.

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