The ESG Intelligence solution

The ESG Intelligence solution allows our clients to identify, understand and evaluate the risks that can derail the long-term sustainability of a company. We deliver this through a carefully designed suite of three research products – assessments, intelligence, and expert insights. The products have been designed based on our experience of discussions with several clients including – SRI asset managers, ESG rating agencies, CIOs, CTOs and CPOs at leading global corporations.

ESG Intelligence Solution


We conduct risk assessment of each company on more than 300 business, financial and sustainability risk indicators, falling under five broad categories – financial, ethics and corporate governance; social responsibility and stakeholder management; environmental responsibility and response to emerging technology.

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Our intelligence product, keeps you updated about every critical development related to the company, while filtering out the noise and redundancies. Thematic intelligence reports on the company’s focus on a particular, geography, technology or a material sustainability issue is the crown jewel of our intelligence offerings.

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Expert Insights

Our Expert Insight solution provides you access to our exclusive expert network – ESG Experts. Through their years of experience, these handpicked experts can help you declutter and look beyond the greenwashing and inconsistent reporting by the companies. These consulatations can go a long way in evaluating the risk exposure of the companies.

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