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Top Sustainability Solution Providers for Travel and Tourism Industry
Top Companies Using Technology to Drive Sustainability Initiatives in the Travel and Tourism Industry


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This is the list of companies that are using technology-driven solutions to drive sustainability initiatives in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Company NameCompany TypeSustainability ThemesCountryCompany Size
4AirSustainability Solution ProviderClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, BiofuelsUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Accenture plcTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Renewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsIrelandLarge (1, 000+)
Aerial.isSustainability Solution ProviderClimate Action, Biofuels, BiodiversityUSASmall (1-50)
AirCarbonTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Climate ActionSingaporeSmall (1-50)
Alder Fuels Sustainability Solution ProviderClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, BiofuelsUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT)EnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)
Atlantis ResortsEnterprisesWater ManagementUAELarge (1, 000+)
BlackRockEnterprisesClimate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
BP plcEnterprisesClimate ActionUKLarge (1, 000+)
CarrefourEnterprisesCommunity Health and Wellness, Food Safety, Responsible Supply ChainFranceLarge (1, 000+)
ClimateTradeTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionSpainSmall (1-50)
Directional AviationEnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, BiofuelsUnited States
DNV GLEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, Climate ActionNorwayLarge (1, 000+)
DrivnTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionDenmarkSmall (1-50)
Energy Web FoundationTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Renewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsGermanySmall (1-50)
Etihad AirwaysEnterprisesClimate Action, BiofuelsUAELarge (1, 000+)
Flexjet (Directional Aviation)EnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, BiofuelsMedium (51-1, 000)
Giancarlo Zema Design Group Technology ProvidersClimate Action, BiodiversityItalySmall (1-50)
GoChainTechnology ProvidersReduce Paper Usage, CorruptionUSASmall (1-50)
IBM (International Business Machines)Technology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and Wellness, Community Development, Food Safety, Water Management, Climate Action, Waste Management, RecyclingUSALarge (1, 000+)
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)Government Organizations and AgenciesClimate ActionFranceMedium (51-1, 000)
KPMGTechnology ProvidersESG Reporting, Responsible Supply Chain, Sustainable AgricultureCanadaLarge (1, 000+)
Macquarie GroupEnterprisesClimate ActionAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Microsoft CorporationTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and Wellness, Renewable Energy, Climate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
National Institute of Development Administration Government Organizations and AgenciesCommunity DevelopmentThailandSmall (1-50)
OARO (formerly Nodalblock)Technology ProvidersChemical Weapons, Sustainable FinanceCanadaSmall (1-50)
OXÏ-ZENTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
Polygon TechnologyTechnology ProvidersBiodiversity, Climate Action, Diversity and Inclusion, BiofuelsIndiaMedium (51-1, 000)
RGEEnterprisesClimate ActionSingaporeLarge (1, 000+)
RMIEnterprisesBiofuelsUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
ShellEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate Action, Biofuels, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingUK
Singapore Airlines (SIA)EnterprisesClimate ActionSingaporeLarge (1, 000+)
State StreetEnterprisesClimate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA)Associations and Non-ProfitsBiofuelsSmall (1-50)
Tamarack Aerospace GroupEnterprisesClimate ActionUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
TemasekEnterprisesClimate ActionSingaporeMedium (51-1, 000)
TravelXTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
TripesaTechnology ProvidersBiodiversity, Sustainable FinanceUgandaSmall (1-50)

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