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Top Sustainability Solution Providers for Metals and Mining Industry
Top Companies Using Technology to Drive Sustainability Initiatives in the Metals and Mining Industry


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This is the list of companies that are using technology-driven solutions to drive sustainability initiatives in the Metals and Mining industry.

Company NameCompany TypeSustainability ThemesCountryCompany Size
ACE (Action against Child Exploitation) Associations and Non-ProfitsChild/ Forced LabourJapanSmall (1-50)
American ManganeseEnterprisesWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUSASmall (1-50)
aXedrasTechnology ProvidersSustainable MiningSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
Baker McKenzie LLPEnterprisesReduce Paper Usage, CorruptionUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)
BEC GmbHTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingGermanyMedium (51-1, 000)
BHPEnterprisesBiofuels, Sustainable Mining, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Blockhead TechnologiesTechnology ProvidersESG ReportingCanadaSmall (1-50)
CanRock MiningEnterprisesClimate Action, Sustainable MiningCanada
CirculariseTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, ESG Reporting, Climate ActionNetherlandsSmall (1-50)
CirculorTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Sustainable Mining, Climate ActionUKSmall (1-50)
CO2 LabsTechnology ProvidersESG ReportingCayman Islands
DNV GLEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, Climate ActionNorwayLarge (1, 000+)
Element United Technology ProvidersClimate Action, Sustainable Mining, Sustainable MiningUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
FlowcarbonTechnology ProvidersESG Reporting, Climate Action, Sustainable FinanceUSASmall (1-50)
Fura Gems IncEnterprisesSustainable MiningUAEMedium (51-1, 000)
GoChainTechnology ProvidersReduce Paper Usage, CorruptionUSASmall (1-50)
Government of Central African RepublicGovernment Organizations and AgenciesCommunity Development
GrundfosEnterprisesWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingDenmarkLarge (1, 000+)
Gübelin Gem LabEnterprisesSustainable MiningSwitzerland
HA Exploits LtdEnterprisesSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainGhanaSmall (1-50)
LBMA (London Bullion Market Association)EnterprisesSustainable MiningUKSmall (1-50)
MetaVuSustainability Solution ProviderESG ReportingSmall (1-50)
Minden (Minna Electric Power)Technology ProvidersChild/ Forced LabourJapan
Minehub TechnologiesTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingCanadaSmall (1-50)
MinexxTechnology ProvidersSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainUKSmall (1-50)
MinviroSustainability Solution ProviderWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUKSmall (1-50)
National Mining Agency of Colombia (Agencia Nacional de Mineria or ANM)Government Organizations and AgenciesReduce Paper Usage, CorruptionColombia
Nature, s VaultTechnology ProvidersBiodiversitySingaporeSmall (1-50)
Norsk HydroEnterprisesNorwayLarge (1, 000+)
Parity TechnologiesTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainUKMedium (51-1, 000)
Peer Ledger Inc.Technology ProvidersSustainable MiningCanadaSmall (1-50)
Provenance ProofTechnology ProvidersSustainable MiningSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
Rare & Forever DiamondsEnterprisesResponsible Supply ChainUSASmall (1-50)
Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)Associations and Non-ProfitsWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingBelgiumSmall (1-50)
Sentient Equity PartnersEnterprisesESG ReportingCayman IslandsSmall (1-50)
SolidaridadAssociations and Non-ProfitsSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainNetherlandsMedium (51-1, 000)
TanzRoc Mining GroupEnterprisesSustainable MiningTanzania
TeslaEnterprisesSustainable MiningUSALarge (1, 000+)
VestreEnterprisesNorwaySmall (1-50)
Vizsla Silver Corp. (Inventa Capital)EnterprisesESG ReportingCanadaSmall (1-50)
Watr Technology ProvidersClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
XX NetworkTechnology ProvidersESG ReportingUSASmall (1-50)

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