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Top Sustainability Solution Providers for Healthcare Industry
Top Companies Using Technology to Drive Sustainability Initiatives in the Healthcare Industry


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This is the list of companies that are using technology-driven solutions to drive sustainability initiatives in the Healthcare industry.

Company NameCompany TypeSustainability ThemesCountryCompany Size
Trace LabsTechnology ProvidersWaste ManagementCanadaSmall (1-50)
Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP)Associations and Non-ProfitsWaste ManagementGreat BritainSmall (1-50)
5ireTechnology ProvidersCorruption, Community Health and WellnessUAEMedium (51-1, 000)
B&MEnterprisesFood Safety, Responsible Supply ChainUnited States
BioSunn TechnologiesEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, Sustainable AgricultureUSASmall (1-50)
Bolnisi Winemakers AssociationEnterprisesCommunity Health and Wellness, Responsible Supply ChainGeorgia
CannSolEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and WellnessLiechtensteinSmall (1-50)
CareOLineSustainability Solution ProviderRecyclingUK
Chosun University HospitalEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessSouth Korea
Clinical Consultants InternationalEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
ClinicalSquaredEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
DeltoidTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessSouth Korea
Drexel UniversityEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)
Elrond BlockchainTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessMalta
FitBurnTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUAESmall (1-50)
Food-FiTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and Wellness
GeneticaTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply ChainAustraliaSmall (1-50)
Global Compliance Applications Corp. (GCAC) Technology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Sustainable Agriculture, ESG Reporting, Food SafetyCanadaSmall (1-50)
Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)Associations and Non-ProfitsCustomer Privacy, Community Health and WellnessSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
Herbalife NutritionEnterprisesRecyclingUSALarge (1, 000+)
Immunify.LifeTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessBritish Virgin IslandsSmall (1-50)
Life ClipsTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
MAPayTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)Academic and Research InstitutionsESG Reporting, Community Health and WellnessKenyaLarge (1, 000+)
Mayo ClinicEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUSALarge (1, 000+)
Microsoft CorporationTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and Wellness, Renewable Energy, Climate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
MotearnTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUnited States
Motion Wellness Private LimitedTechnology ProvidersCustomer Privacy
Novo Integrated SciencesEnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
OceanworksSustainability Solution ProviderBiodiversity, Waste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUSASmall (1-50)
PharmaLedger Technology ProvidersCustomer Privacy, Community Health and WellnessUKSmall (1-50)
Plastic BankSustainability Solution ProviderWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, BiodiversityCanadaMedium (51-1, 000)
PlastiksTechnology ProvidersRecyclingSpainSmall (1-50)
PUML Better Health Sustainability Solution ProviderCommunity Health and WellnessAustraliaSmall (1-50)
Sana PackagingEnterprisesBiodiversity, Waste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Sativa Testing Laboratories EnterprisesCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Sense4FITTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessRomaniaSmall (1-50)
ServBlockTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply ChainIrelandSmall (1-50)
SmartLedgerTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Sustainable Agriculture, Community Health and WellnessUSASmall (1-50)
SofthreadTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Solve.CareTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessEstoniaSmall (1-50)
ThingBlu Technology ProvidersFood Safety, Responsible Supply ChainCanadaSmall (1-50)
TraceX TechnologiesTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Action, Water Management, Community Health and WellnessIndiaSmall (1-50)
TriallTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessNetherlandsSmall (1-50)
TruTrace Technologies, Inc.Technology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and WellnessCanadaSmall (1-50)
VeChainTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Climate Action, Community Health and Wellness, Waste Management, RecyclingChinaMedium (51-1, 000)
VX TechnologiesTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessCanadaSmall (1-50)
World Mobile GroupTechnology ProvidersCommunity Health and WellnessUKSmall (1-50)

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