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Top Sustainability Solution Providers for Energy and Utilities Industry
Top Companies Using Technology to Drive Sustainability Initiatives in the Energy and Utilities Industry


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This is the list of companies that are using technology-driven solutions to drive sustainability initiatives in the Energy and Utilities industry.

Company NameCompany TypeSustainability ThemesCountryCompany Size
P2PB2B ExchangeTechnology ProvidersRenewable EnergyEstoniaMedium (51-1, 000)
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)EnterprisesClimate ActionUAELarge (1, 000+)
Accenture plcTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Renewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsIrelandLarge (1, 000+)
ACCIONA Energía Sustainability Solution ProviderRenewable EnergySpainLarge (1, 000+)
Aera GroupSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionFranceSmall (1-50)
Al Shawamikh Oil Services CompanySustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Responsible Supply ChainOmanSmall (1-50)
Altenex Energy (Edison Energy)Sustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionNetherlandsSmall (1-50)
American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT)EnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)
Australian GovernmentGovernment Organizations and AgenciesWater Management, Renewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
BCPG Public Company LimitedEnterprisesRenewable EnergyThailandMedium (51-1, 000)
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Futures (BEF)Sustainability Solution ProviderClimate ActionUKSmall (1-50)
Biomass Quality Network of Canada (BQNC)Sustainability Solution ProviderClimate ActionCanada
BitgreenSustainability Solution ProviderClimate Action, Renewable Energy, Sustainable FinanceSmall (1-50)
CETS TechnologiesSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Waste Management, RecyclingUSA
CiscoEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
CleanCarbonTechnology ProvidersSmart Cities, Waste ManagementUAESmall (1-50)
ContextLabsTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingNetherlandsSmall (1-50)
CSIRO, s Data61Academic and Research InstitutionsRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaMedium (51-1, 000)
Curtin Institute of ComputationAcademic and Research InstitutionsRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustralia
Curtin UniversityAcademic and Research InstitutionsRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Daura AGEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
Digital Utilities Ventures, IncEnterprisesFood Safety, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Sustainable Finance, BiofuelsUnited States
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)Government Organizations and AgenciesWater ManagementUAESmall (1-50)
EarnDLTTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Easy Energy Finance (Easy Energy Systems, Inc.)Technology ProvidersFood Safety, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Sustainable Finance, BiofuelsUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
Eco-BusinessEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionSingaporeSmall (1-50)
EFFORCETechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate Action, Waste ManagementMaltaSmall (1-50)
EmPowered FinTechSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable EnergyBotswana
Enel GroupEnterprisesElectric Vehicles, Climate ActionItalyLarge (1, 000+)
Energy Web FoundationTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Renewable Energy, Climate Action, BiofuelsGermanySmall (1-50)
ENGIEEnterprisesRenewable EnergyFranceLarge (1, 000+)
EPIC ESGSustainability Solution ProviderSustainable FinanceUnited States
EutelsatTechnology ProvidersWater ManagementFranceSmall (1-50)
FlexiDAOTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionSpainSmall (1-50)
FrontechTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Responsible Supply ChainOmanSmall (1-50)
FRZ Solar SystemTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy
GlobacapTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Sustainable FinanceUKSmall (1-50)
Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)Associations and Non-ProfitsRenewable Energy, Sustainable FinanceUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
Google Cloud (Alphabet)Technology ProvidersClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainUSALarge (1, 000+)
Greenpower Network (GPN) Technology ProvidersRenewable Energy
GreenToken (SAP)Technology ProvidersWaste Management, Recycling, Responsible Supply ChainUSASmall (1-50)
H2O Water SecuritiesTechnology ProvidersSustainable Finance, Water ManagementUKSmall (1-50)
IBM ResearchEnterprisesWater ManagementUSALarge (1, 000+)
ICE NGX Canada Inc. (formerly Natural Gas Exchange Inc.)EnterprisesResponsible Supply ChainCanadaMedium (51-1, 000)
Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines, Inc. (IEMOP)EnterprisesRenewable EnergyPhilippinesMedium (51-1, 000)
INVIZION (NVZN Token)Technology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Waste Management, RecyclingUSASmall (1-50)
Japanese Ministry of the EnvironmentGovernment Organizations and AgenciesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionJapanLarge (1, 000+)
KYOCERA GlobalEnterprisesRenewable EnergyJapanLarge (1, 000+)
LandCorpEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaMedium (51-1, 000)
LO3 EnergyTechnology ProvidersRenewable EnergyUSASmall (1-50)
Marubeni CorporationEnterprisesWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG Reporting, Renewable EnergyJapanLarge (1, 000+)
Megatech MGTSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate Action, Sustainable FinanceAfrica
Microsoft CorporationTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and Wellness, Renewable Energy, Climate ActionUSALarge (1, 000+)
MSD Animal Health (Merck)EnterprisesRenewable Energy
Murdoch UniversityAcademic and Research InstitutionsRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Nexus BlockchainTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionAustraliaSmall (1-50)
Plastic Energy Ltd.Sustainability Solution ProviderWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUKMedium (51-1, 000)
PowerLedger Technology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionAustraliaSmall (1-50)
PowerSharing Network, Inc.EnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionUSASmall (1-50)
Project BetaSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate Action, Sustainable Finance
Project CanarySustainability Solution ProviderESG Reporting, Climate ActionUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
ProntoblockTechnology ProvidersSustainable FinanceUnited StatesSmall (1-50)
PureWest EnergyEnterprisesClimate ActionUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
Rebel EnergySustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionUKSmall (1-50)
Reneum InstituteTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Sustainable Finance, Climate ActionSingaporeSmall (1-50)
Restart EnergySustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionRomaniaMedium (51-1, 000)
RIDDLE&CODE - The Blockchain Interface CompanyTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Sustainable FinanceAustriaSmall (1-50)
Rowan Energy Technology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionUKSmall (1-50)
Securitize Markets Technology ProvidersFood Safety, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Sustainable Finance, BiofuelsUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
Sembcorp Industries Ltd Technology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionSingaporeLarge (1, 000+)
Sewa Energy Resources (SERL)EnterprisesRenewable Energy, Sustainable FinanceSierra Leone
ShellEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate Action, Biofuels, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingUK
Siemens Energy AGTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionLarge (1, 000+)
Silicon Valley PowerEnterprisesRenewable EnergyUSAMedium (51-1, 000)
Sinan EnergyTechnology ProvidersRenewable EnergySouth Africa
SoftBank GroupEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionJapanMedium (51-1, 000)
SolaForm LtdSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable EnergyUK
SolarmenteSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable EnergySpainSmall (1-50)
SOMPO HoldingsEnterprisesRenewable EnergyJapanMedium (51-1, 000)
StedinEnterprisesRenewable EnergyNetherlandsLarge (1, 000+)
Sustainable Impact TokenSustainability Solution ProviderClimate Action, Sustainable FinanceUKSmall (1-50)
SynergyEnterprisesRenewable EnergyUSASmall (1-50)
Thai Digital Energy Development (TDED)EnterprisesRenewable EnergyThailand
The Freshwater TrustSustainability Solution ProviderWater ManagementUSASmall (1-50)
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)Sustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionJapanLarge (1, 000+)
Trust BIXTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionCanadaSmall (1-50)
UBSEnterprisesClimate Action, Renewable EnergySwitzerlandLarge (1, 000+)
Ulster UniversityAcademic and Research InstitutionsRenewable EnergyUKLarge (1, 000+)
University of Colorado BoulderAcademic and Research InstitutionsWater ManagementUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)
UrbanChainTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionUKSmall (1-50)
VeChainTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Climate Action, Community Health and Wellness, Waste Management, RecyclingChinaMedium (51-1, 000)
Verity TrackingTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainGermanySmall (1-50)
Vermont’s Green Mountain Power (GMP)EnterprisesRenewable EnergyUSAMedium (51-1, 000)
Virridy (formerly SweetSense Inc.)Sustainability Solution ProviderWater ManagementUSASmall (1-50)
Voltreum Technology ProvidersRenewable EnergyIndiaSmall (1-50)
Western Australian GovernmentGovernment Organizations and AgenciesRenewable EnergyAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Western PowerEnterprisesRenewable EnergyAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
Wien Energie GmbHEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Sustainable FinanceAustriaLarge (1, 000+)
WilliamsEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingUnited StatesLarge (1, 000+)

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