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Top Sustainability Solution Providers for Automotive Industry
Top Companies Using Technology to Drive Sustainability Initiatives in the Automotive Industry


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This is the list of companies that are using technology-driven solutions to drive sustainability initiatives in the Automotive industry.

Company NameCompany TypeSustainability ThemesCountryCompany Size
eTukTukSustainability Solution ProviderElectric VehiclesUSASmall (1-50)
Cardano FoundationTechnology ProvidersElectric VehiclesSwitzerlandSmall (1-50)
50Hertz (Elia Group)EnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
AUDI AGEnterprisesResponsible Supply ChainGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
BASFEnterprisesClimate Action, Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Management, Recycling, Responsible Supply ChainGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Beekeepers FoundationAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropyUAE
BeePlanetSustainability Solution ProviderWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingSpainSmall (1-50)
Beit el BarakaAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropyLebanonMedium (51-1, 000)
BHPEnterprisesBiofuels, Sustainable Mining, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingAustraliaLarge (1, 000+)
bloXmoveTechnology ProvidersRenewable Energy, Climate ActionIrelandSmall (1-50)
BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke AGEnterprisesResponsible Supply ChainGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
BorealisEnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, ESG ReportingAustriaLarge (1, 000+)
BYDEnterprisesClimate ActionChinaLarge (1, 000+)
C+Charge Technology ProvidersClimate ActionBahamasSmall (1-50)
Catena X Automotive NetworkAssociations and Non-ProfitsClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainGermanyMedium (51-1, 000)
ChevroletEnterprisesPhilanthropyUSALarge (1, 000+)
CirculariseTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, ESG Reporting, Climate ActionNetherlandsSmall (1-50)
CirculorTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Sustainable Mining, Climate Action, ESG ReportingUKSmall (1-50)
Community ElectricityTechnology ProvidersClimate ActionUSASmall (1-50)
Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL)EnterprisesSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainChinaLarge (1, 000+)
CovestroEnterprisesWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Daimler AGEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain ManagementGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
DNV GLEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain, Climate ActionNorwayLarge (1, 000+)
Domo ChemicalsEnterprisesWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Climate ActionBelgiumLarge (1, 000+)
DonorsChooseAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropyUnited StatesMedium (51-1, 000)
Elia GroupEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionBelgiumLarge (1, 000+)
EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg AG)EnterprisesElectric Vehicles, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Enel GroupEnterprisesElectric Vehicles, Climate ActionItalyLarge (1, 000+)
Energy Web FoundationTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, Renewable Energy, BiofuelsGermanySmall (1-50)
EverledgerTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Waste Management, Recycling, Climate ActionUKMedium (51-1, 000)
EVShareEnterprisesClimate ActionGibraltarSmall (1-50)
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, GermanyGovernment Organizations and AgenciesResponsible Supply ChainGermany
FlowcarbonTechnology ProvidersClimate Action, ESG Reporting, Sustainable FinanceUSASmall (1-50)
Ford Motor CompanyEnterprisesClimate Action, Waste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingUSALarge (1, 000+)
FujitsuTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Water Management, Climate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, Recycling, Food Safety, Sustainable AgricultureJapanLarge (1, 000+)
Green CommuterSustainability Solution ProviderClimate ActionUSASmall (1-50)
Groupe RenaultEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain ManagementFranceLarge (1, 000+)
Harmony HouseAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropyIndiaSmall (1-50)
IBM (International Business Machines)Technology ProvidersCommunity Health and Wellness, Community Development, Responsible Supply Chain, Food Safety, Water Management, Climate Action, Waste Management, Recycling, Community Health and WellnessUSALarge (1, 000+)
IcertisTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain ManagementUSALarge (1, 000+)
Jaguar Land RoverEnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply ChainUKLarge (1, 000+)
LamA ProjectEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionGermany
LG ChemEnterprisesSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainSouth KoreaLarge (1, 000+)
LichtblickSustainability Solution ProviderRenewable Energy, Climate ActionGermanyMedium (51-1, 000)
MarelliEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain ManagementJapanLarge (1, 000+)
Mercedes-Benz CarsEnterprisesResponsible Supply Chain ManagementGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
MinespiderTechnology ProvidersWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingGermanySmall (1-50)
OranoSustainability Solution ProviderWaste Management, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingFranceLarge (1, 000+)
PolestarEnterprisesESG ReportingSwedenMedium (51-1, 000)
Porsche AGEnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, Philanthropy, Water ManagementGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Robert Bosch LLCEnterprisesElectric Vehicles, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Rolls-RoyceEnterprisesPhilanthropyUKLarge (1, 000+)
RSK blockchain (Powered by IOV Labs)Technology ProvidersClimate Action
SAPTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Community Health and Wellness, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Recycling, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
SuperRare LabsTechnology ProvidersPhilanthropy, Water ManagementUSAMedium (51-1, 000)
Surgeons for Little LivesAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropySouth Africa
SYSTEMIQ GmbHTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply ChainUKMedium (51-1, 000)
Tech MahindraTechnology ProvidersPhilanthropyIndiaLarge (1, 000+)
TeijinEnterprisesClimate Action, Responsible Supply Chain, RecyclingJapanLarge (1, 000+)
TeslaEnterprisesSustainable MiningUSALarge (1, 000+)
The California Energy CommissionGovernment Organizations and AgenciesClimate ActionUSAMedium (51-1, 000)
The Energy CoalitionAssociations and Non-ProfitsClimate ActionUSAMedium (51-1, 000)
The Mahindra GroupEnterprisesPhilanthropyIndiaLarge (1, 000+)
Umicore N.V.EnterprisesResponsible Supply ChainBelgiumLarge (1, 000+)
VeChainTechnology ProvidersResponsible Supply Chain, Climate Action, Community Health and Wellness, Waste Management, RecyclingChinaMedium (51-1, 000)
Viva con AguaAssociations and Non-ProfitsPhilanthropy, Water ManagementGermanySmall (1-50)
Volkswagen AGEnterprisesRenewable Energy, Climate ActionGermanyLarge (1, 000+)
Volvo CarsEnterprisesSustainable Mining, Responsible Supply ChainSwedenLarge (1, 000+)


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