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Compliance Kart Private Limited
Compliance Kart Private Limited Overview
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Company Name: Compliance Kart Private Limited

Headquartered: Uttar Pradesh, India

Size (Employees): Small (1-10)

Company Founded: 2022


Technology Focus: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse

Industry Focus: Environmental Services

Geographic Focus: India

Sustainability Focus: Climate Action

About Compliance Kart Private Limited

Company Overview

A large number of Countries, cities and organizations are concerned about becoming carbon neutral. Today, the whole world is talking about carbon offsetting. Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced that India will achieve net zero emissions by 2070. But currently, India does not have voluntary carbon trading market to provide information of price accurately, to provide standard contract pledge and manage arrangement for long-term offtakes. In absence of domestic marketplace for this, in India there is chance of high reputational risk because of absence of due diligence resulting to high WACC, non-realization of Net-Zero AUM and no standard reporting. ComplianceKart solves this need with an independent digital marketplace to serve the entire value chain. We securitize carbon credits into tradable and fungible securities with real time settlement and transparent pricing. There is no conflict- of –Interest, because we are equal opportunity providers. This exchange is a Social Innovation which has a traditional trading architecture of commodity exchange and uses distributed ledger technology of blockchain to securitize carbon credit into digital tokens (receipts) embedded with clear line of ownership between the carbon credit held in the registry/depositories and the digital receipt (token). If the owners of tokens are interested for physical delivery in place of token the delivery is possible like commodity market.

Other Information

As the ComplianceKart Exchange is blockchain-based, it has allowed to create a decentralized and a hybrid platform, which mirrors commodity markets. The use of blockchain automates and simplifies the laborious manual processes that are usually involved with OTC carbon trading. The Smart Contract implemented makes it easy for users to trade and settle with a clear and immutable record on our system. ComplianceKart represents the commodities market of the future in India where commodities and collateral can be tokenized, creating an entirely new approach to securitized token trade domestically and globally.

Key Executives

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