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Project ID: BUC0262
Stakeholders Involved: Airline
Key Benefits of using blockchain: It will enable more profitable bookings and lower transaction fees by cutting out both intermediary commissions and payment processor fees.

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    Current Enterprise Blockchain Projects per Industry

    IndustryNumber of ProjectsNumber of Consortia
    Banking and Financial Services600+93
    Government and Public Sector350+55
    Consumer Goods and Retail170+17
    Food and Beverage150+21
    Transportation and Logistics170+21
    Energy and Utilities200+30
    Leisure and Entertainment120+7
    Real Estate80+8
    Travel and Toursim70+5
    Media and Advertising80+9
    Information, Communications, and Technology140+43
    Metals and Mining50+12
    Professional Services50+10

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    Enterprise blockchain projects1500+
    Unique enterprise blockchain use cases500+
    Enterprises working on blockchain projects2200+
    Blockchain technology and consulting vendors800+
    Executives driving enterprise blockchain projects2600+
    Active blockchain consortia140+
    Countries where enterprise blockchain projects are underway100+

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