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Use case validation | Identify industry issues | Intelligence on client markets

Use Case Validation

Get enterprise feedback on your blockchain use cases or DApps.

Our enterprise blockchain adoption database with more than 1000+ projects is a valuable resource that can help blockchain vendors gauge the mood of the industry when it comes to blockchain adoption. Vendors can benefit from this insight and that will allow them to focus on the most popular blockchain application with respect to each industry/sector.

Identify industry issues

Refine your marketing pitch, by highlighting the key industry issues.

In addition to capturing enterprise adoption details, we also conduct a thorough secondary research and review expert opinion to identify all the industry pain points a particular blockchain use case/ application can address. This insight can allow you to engage your enterprise clients while pitching your blockchain solutions/ applications.

Intelligence on Client Markets

Curated intelligence on which enterprises you should target.

We have more than 1600 enterprises in our database that are experimenting with the blockchain technology, for more than 300 different use cases. This information engine can produce useful insights regarding which type of enterprises should be targeted for a particular use case. 

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Use case validation | Identify industry issues | Intelligence on client markets


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