Report – Blockchain applications – Digital Identity

An analysis of how different governments, public sector organizations, and regulators from across the world are using blockchain to create and store digitize identities. The inherent properties of the technology – immutability and audit-ability – can allow these organizations to maximize the benefits of e-governance, without worrying about identity theft or fraud.

Report Contents

  • Identification of blockchain participants/ stakeholders.
  • Identification of pain points in the current system.
  • Analysis of how blockchain can address those pain points.
  • Blockchain adoption trends.
  • Analysis of all active use cases from the industry.
  • Commentary of industry stakeholders.
  • Profiles of all vendors involved in these active use cases.
  • Challenges to commercial implementation of blockchain.
  • Sustainability impact analysis of blockchain adoption.

This report is for:

  • Business and technology decision-makers at leading government and public sector organizations.
  • IT Vendors and Blockchain platform providers who can deliver blockchain solutions.
  • Public sector, government organizations, and regulators, who are looking to evaluate the pros and cons of blockchain adoption for this application.
  • Investors and asset managers who are closely looking at blockchain start-up landscape to identify investment opportunities.
Blockchain application - Transparent Supply chain
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