Blockchain applications – Transparent Supply Chains

Analysis of all use cases, where the blockchain technology is being used for ensuring transparency, trace-ability, and authenticity of goods in the supply chain. This includes supply chains of a wide variety of goods such as diamonds, meat products, fabrics, fruits, and cannabis.

Report Contents

  • Identification of blockchain participants/ stakeholders.
  • Identification of pain points in the current system.
  • Analysis of how blockchain can address those pain points.
  • Blockchain adoption trends.
  • Analysis of all active use cases from the industry.
  • Commentary of industry stakeholders.
  • Profiles of all vendors involved in these active use cases.
  • Challenges to commercial implementation of blockchain.
  • Sustainability impact analysis of blockchain adoption.

This report is for:

  • Business and technology decision-makers at leading companies that deal with large and complex supply chains.
  • IT Vendors and Blockchain platform providers who can deliver blockchain solutions.
  • Public sector, government organizations, and regulators, who are looking to evaluate the pros and cons of blockchain adoption for this application.
  • Investors and asset managers who are closely looking at blockchain start-up landscape to identify investment opportunities.
Blockchain application - Transparent Supply chain
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