Enterprise Blockchain Projects/ Blockchain Use Cases – by Applications

Dashboards of enterprise blockchain projects focused on specific enterprise applications. The dashboards of most popular blockchain applications can be found here. However, if you want to explore enterprise blockchain projects catering to niche applications in a particular industry, please visit the industry dashboards, or write to our research team.

Transparent Supply Chain

Renewable Energy

Energy Distribution Management

Stock Exchange Operations

Healthcare Data Management

Reporting and Compliance

Drug Supply Chain Management

Land and Property Registration

Customer Loyalty

Coming Soon

Tourism Marketplace


Documents and Record Management

Food Supply Chain Management

Trade Finance

Blockchain and IoT

Bond Market

Commodity Trading

Educational Document Management

Coming Soon

Proxy Voting

Luxury Goods Supply Chain Management

Coming Soon


Digital Identity

Electricity Trading

KYC and Customer Information Sharing

Digital Currency

Post Trade Settlement

Paper-less Logistics Transactions

Private Shares Trading

Hotel Booking and Inventory Management

Digital Advertising

Coming Soon

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