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Where we started

In August 2020, we have launched the SIA Platform for Blockchain Consortium Intelligence with three modules, providing the following information to out subscribers.

In order to deliver continuous value to our subscribers, the efforts of our research team will be guided towards:

  • Ensuring that updated information is made available to subscribers on the above modules.
  • Improve the scope of information offered in each module.
  • Add more modules to the platform that are needed to make this platform the go-to source of blockchain consortium intelligence for industry stakeholders.

The Roadmap

The Road map for this platform for the next few months is as follows:

  • September 2020: A new module named Resources, will be added to the platform. This would be a searchable list of freely available resources pertaining to evolution to blockchain consortia. This would include reports by consulting firms, vendors, and enterprises; opinion pieces written by industry analysts and experts; results and analytical results published by consortia; and interviews of senior industry leaders, among others.
  • November 2020: The scope of information in the existing modules will be improved and the following information to existing dimensions:
    • Consortia: A new field called consortia type will be added to each consortium to improve the ability to compare and group consortia. We can also include other information such as contact information for the consortium, joining criteria, etc., subject to the availability of this information across a critical percentage of consortia.
    • Leaders: To account for the movement of executives between companies, a new field will be added to this dimension. This field will reflect the ‘status’ of the executive with respect to whether he/she is still associated with the company for which he/ she is included in the database. Another field reflecting the seniority/ level of the executive could also be added.
  • January 2021: Our team is working on profiling the organizations that are members of blockchain consortia. This number has already crossed 8,000 companies and with the addition of consortia, it keeps going up. By January 2021, we plan to add the ‘Companies’ module to the platform that will give the subscribers access to the brief profiles of all these companies. These profiles can include, company names, website, country of company headquarters, and industry/ sector in which the company operates.
  • July 2021: Digital transformation and Sustainability are two of the biggest trends of our times and will assume an even more important role for enterprise in the post-COVID world. To integrate these trends in our platform, our team will study each consortium for a) the sustainability impact they are creating through the use cases they are pursuing, and b) apart from blockchain which other emerging technologies (IoT, AI, RPA, ML, 5G, 3D Printing, etc), are they using in their use cases. Based on the information collected on these parameters, we will add new modules to our platform.

 Beyond Consortia

While Blockchain consortia are driving the adoption and large-scale commercialization of the blockchain technology, a significant amount of action is also taking place beyond these consortia. Therefore, to make our solutions more attractive for enterprise users we will be launching the industry-specific intelligence platforms, that will include updated information on the following dimensions:

  • Consortia List: List of all consortia focused on that industry.
  • Projects List: List of all projects focused on that industry, in addition to those included in the consortia.
  • Companies: List of all companies that are either members of consortia or projects.
  • Leader’s List: List of all executives that are driving blockchain consortia or projects focused on that industry.
  • Resources: List of all freely available resources related to blockchain adoption and trends in that industry.

Over the next six months, such platforms will be launched for Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate, and Energy and Utilities Industries.


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