SIA PLATFORM - Blockchain Consortia Intelligence

List of all Blockchain Consortia, Leaders and Use Cases

SIA Platform gives you any-time access to intelligence on blockchain consortia

The SIA (Smart Intelligence Access) Platform gives you the most comprehensive and comparable information on the formation and evolution of blockchain consortia across industries and geographies.

The platform is managed by our research team that has been tracking enterprise blockchain adoption since 2017, and maintains the most comprehensive database of enterprise blockchain projects and consortia. We have delivered custom research reports based on this intelligence to several clients. The platform allows you anytime access to:

  • A living list of all blockchain consortia, that helps you to keep a track of new consortia formations and how existing consortia are maturing.
  • A living list of senior blockchain executives – from enterprises, technology vendors, and other stakeholders, that are driving these consortia.
  • A pivot based use-case dashboard that will help you analyze the use case focus of various consortia.

Please see the snapshot of the information that is available and sign up for the SIA platform to stay updated about blockchain consortia, and to understand which consortia is best for you.

*Please see our About the platform to learn about break-up of size and maturity

What Do You Get on the SIA Platform?


A pivot-based dashboard that allows you to identify the consortia focused on specific use cases by applying filters for:

  • Use case category
  • Industry focus
  • Geography focus
  • Consortium Size
  • Consortium Maturity


A searchable list of all consortia that provides the following details about each consortium:

  • Consortium Name
  • Objective
  • Use cases
  • Industry Focus
  • Geographic Focus
  • Consortium Size
  • Consortium Maturity
  • Key Members
  • Web links to news updates

Key Executives

A searchable list of senior executives and decision-makers, who are driving blockchain consortia:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Designation
  • Link to LinkedIn profiles
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Methodology and FAQs
  • To understand the methodology we follow to identify and classify various consortia, please visit our Methodology and FAQs page.
Blockchain Consortium Trends

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