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List of all Blockchain Consortia

This list is the most comprehensive and comparable information on the formation and evolution of blockchain consortia across industries and geographies. Alongside the list of consortia, we also offer the list of senior industry executives that are driving these consortia. Please see the snapshot of the information that is available and sign up for a free demo to check how we deliver this information through our SIA platform.

Blockchain Consortia

Senior Executives driving blockchain consortia

Why Blockchain Consortia intelligence?

Enterprise blockchain has now clearly separated itself from the cryptocurrency frenzy, enterprises around the world are trying to find effective, viable, scalable, and sustainable use cases of this technology. The sentiment about the adoption of this technology was captured in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey, where 53% of 1,300+ senior enterprise executives had blockchain among the top five strategic priorities.

Blockchain is a distributed technology and it requires confidence and collaboration from all participating stakeholders, to be most effective.

As Steve Jobs put it aptly a few years ago – “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We can take this quote and apply it in the context of blockchain technology. It would read something like – “Great things on the blockchain are never done by one organization. They’re done by a consortium of organizations. Today, blockchain technology has several strong use cases in each industry but requires collaboration among industry stakeholders to test, pilot and commercialize these blockchain applications. This urge is driving the formation of multiple industry consortia, and this rate of formation of consortia is only increasing.

*Please refer to the methodology and limitations page for the definition of size and maturity of consortia.


ESG Intelligence has been tracking the formation and evolution of blockchain consortia since late 2017. Several enterprises, as well as blockchain solution providers, have found this information useful. You can also access this information by subscribing to our SIA platform.  

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