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Why Blockchain Consortia?

If you want to go fast, go alone. 

If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

As the above proverb indicates, for the successful and wider deployment of blockchain for enterprises, all stakeholders in the ecosystem need to work together. These stakeholders include enterprises, their customers, suppliers, competitors, regulators, government agencies, and of course technology vendors and consultants. The good thing is that this ‘coming together’ is happening at a fairly brisk pace in the form of Blockchain Consortia.

Take a look at the numbers below:

This is your best source for blockchain consortia intelligence

We can deliver the most comprehensive and comparable information on consortia that have taken shape across industries and geographies. Our research team has been tracking enterprise blockchain adoption since 2017 and maintains the most comprehensive database of enterprise blockchain projects and consortia.

For five years, our blockchain intelligence and research services have driven:

  • Product and marketing strategies of blockchain solution providers
  • Blockchain adoption and use case identification decisions for corporations 
  • Academic research projects at leading universities and Institutions

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“The SIA platform keeps track of ongoing information of blockchain consortia around the world, which is a great resource about both the general landscape of the field and specific use cases of blockchains. Their service team has been very responsive and helpful whenever I had questions or requests.”

Ph.D. candidate in Strategic Management, Leading University in the United States

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