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We provide enterprise blockchain intelligence on projects and use cases from across industries and countries and produce customized research reports that answer your questions about embracing blockchain.

Our Value Proposition

Why ESG Intelligence?

Our enterprise blockchain intelligence solutions have evolved over the past year, as we have spoken to 100+ senior decision-makers at enterprises and blockchain technology vendors, about how they want to use our intelligence. Our solutions can empower you to make intelligent and informed decisions, about blockchain use case identification, vendor selection, consortia identification, and at the same time allow you to prepare for challenges that make blockchain adoption difficult.

Comprehensive Blockchain Intelligence

900+ blockchain projects, 300+ blockchain vendors, 1400+ enterprises, 80+ blockchain consortia and 2200+ executives involved in blockchain projects.

Highly Customisable Research Solutions

While our solutions derive strength from our comprehensive blockchain intelligence, we work closely with clients upfront, and during the project to our delivery for them.


Our experienced research team has several years of experience, working with senior corporate and investment decision-makers including C-suite technology and procurement officers; hedge fund and private equity fund managers; and senior industry consultants.

Flexible Engagement Options

We are extremely client-focused and flexible when it comes to commercial engagements, we offer a variety of options to our clients such as ad-hoc research, subscription, and FTE options.

Great Value for Money

Our small footprint and lean operating model, allows us to deliver exceptional value for money through our research services.

Our Edge

Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence


How can we help you?

As blockchain emerges from the shroud of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, enterprises are looking to explore the potential of this technology. However, availability of structured intelligence on enterprise adoption of this technology is absent. The internet and ICO markets are flooded with white papers on how blockchain will change the world, however, most of these are over-ambitious claims and have generated little enterprise interest. Our customised solutions can help you navigate this cluttered space, and identify where you should focus to realise your blockchain strategy.

Enterprise Solutions

Identify use cases | Impact-feasibility analysis | Vendor landscape analysis

Vendor Solutions

Use case validation | Identify industry issues | Intelligence on client markets

Consortium Solutions

Intelligence on consortia | Benefits vs Considerations | Consortium building support

Blockchain Intelligence

Blockchain Projects Data | Use Case Data | Vendor Data | Enterprise Adoption Data

Beyond Blockchain

Blockchain + AI | Blockchain + IoT | Blockchain + Analytics

Drive Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability | Sustainable Development Goals | Better Reporting

Our Viewpoint

In 2019, Blockchain consortia become imperative

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