Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence

We provide enterprise blockchain intelligence on projects, consortia, companies and use cases from across industries and countries and produce customized research reports that answer your questions about embracing blockchain.

Why ESG Intelligence?

Our enterprise blockchain intelligence solutions enable senior business and technology decision-makers to make intelligent and informed decisions, about blockchain use case identification, vendor selection, consortia identification, and at the same time allow them to prepare for challenges that stand in the way of successful blockchain commercialization.

Here are some reasons why ESG Intelligence is the best place to start your blockchain research:




Senior Executives

Most Comprehensive Source of Blockchain Intelligence

2,500+ blockchain projects, 390+ blockchain consortia, 12,000+ enterprises involved in projects and consortia, and 6,000+ senior executives that are driving blockchain projects and consortia. We clearly have the best curated, comprehensive, and comparable blockchain intelligence.

Highly Experienced Research Team

Our experienced research team has several years of experience, working with senior corporate and investment decision-makers including C-suite technology and procurement officers; hedge fund and private equity fund managers; and senior industry consultants. Our team has tracked enterprise blockchain adoption since mid-2017 consistently and has used this intelligence to help a variety of clients.

Entirely Customizable Solutions

While our solutions derive strength from our comprehensive blockchain intelligence, we work closely with clients upfront, and during the project to customize our delivery in a manner to ensure best results for them.

Flexibility of Cloud-based Delivery

Driven by client demand, ESG Intelligence has launched the SIA Platform for Smart Intelligence Access of the information and insights that our team generates.

This allows our clients to access our powerful insights, and the most updated information, anytime on-the-go.

Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence Solutions


Cloud-based access to our SIA platform – analyse the information and trends related to all blockchain consortia, their use case mapping, and identify companies and executives that are driving these consortia.


Cloud-based access to a dedicated platform for each industry – analyze blockchain consortia and projects, their use case mapping, participating companies, and key executives that are leading blockchain adoption in that industry.

Custom Research Reports

Dig deep into specific trends related to blockchain adoption pertaining to a specific country, region, use case, or by specific companies from a specific sub-industry. Our research team can deliver customized research reports for you.

Latest Viewpoint

Blockchain Consortia Trends

Blockchain Consortia Trends and Outlook 2021

Blockchain consortia have the potential to take many successful pilots and proof of concepts that were done in the last few years, to commercialization, by bringing all relevant stakeholders on board. They can emerge as the preferred method of blockchain adoption for enterprises by creating industry level trust networks.

ESG Intelligence GSMI Blockchain

ESG Intelligence contributes to the Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI)

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, calls for clarity surrounding technical, regulatory, and governance models have intensified. GSMI is an unprecedented effort to map and analyze the current landscape of technical and regulatory standards aimed at inspiring responsible innovation.

Blockchain Consortium Trends

Blockchain Consortium Trends – July 2020

The tally of 48 new consortia in the first seven months of 2020 is impressive. The visible slack compared to last year can be attributed to the COVID-induced disruptions that have rocked the IT-spending across sectors.

Blockchain Consortia Trends

Top Four Enterprise Blockchain Consortia Trends

Forming consortia has been a strategy of many enterprises that are experimenting with blockchain technology because, for the successful implementation of blockchain, a number of stakeholders must be on-board.

Enterprise blockchain trends - food and beverage industry

2018 Enterprise Blockchain Trends – Food and beverage industry

At the beginning of the year, industry giants such as Coca Cola and Starbucks gave a vote of confidence to this technology by rolling out their pilot projects, and it was soon followed by widespread adoption by small and medium-sized companies.

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